Reviewing the Highest-Performing Content for Marketers on The Juice featuring Jonathan Gandolf

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Episode Summary

Marketers may be content sharers and content creators, but they are also content consumers. And according to our guest, Jonathan Gandolf, the founder & CEO of The Juice, it is extremely challenging to capture their attention. In this episode, we discuss the five best pieces for marketers on The Juice.

Jonathan and our host Brett McGrath discuss why four out of five of the best-performing pieces are articles and break down what makes each stand out. They also delve into content distribution and why it is a more important topic to discuss and write about than content creation.

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Why Marketers Mostly Read Articles on The Juice

”Marketers are being tasked with creating articles on their own. So they consume these [articles] for education or purchasing decisions; there’s also some inspiration, seeing what others are doing and trying to learn from that, as well as the actual objective of reading an article for your professional development. So, I am not surprised to see articles as the most popular.”

The 5 Best Pieces of Content for Content Marketers on The Juice and Why They Resonated

  1. The Complete Guide to Social Media Amplification by Sculpt
  2. 10 Things I Learned About SEO Working at Demandwell
  3. The 5 Building Blocks of a Content Marketing Campaign by Crimson Park Digital
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Content Strategy by MarketMuse
  5. You’re a Content Marketer, Not a Writer by Animalz


”Something that surprised me about this content is that there’s not anything overly complex here. Some of this is just what a lot of people would consider the basics — but how to be better at the basics. 

There’s nothing here about AI-generated content. There’s nothing here about new marketing tactics. These [pieces] are [about] how to do some of the basics well and minor things, but improve them and be better at them. […]

The Animalz team does such a great job of balancing rich storytelling and often balancing that with rich data. It’s a brand that we often look up to for inspiration, and I know a lot of other marketers [do too].”

A Hot Take for Marketers Interested in Producing Content for Other Marketers Based on the Data on The Juice

”What marketers need help with is distributing content. […] There aren’t B2B marketers who need help creating content. Nobody’s saying, ‘Man, I wish I could create more content.’ We all have enough content. 

Help them distribute that content; help them amplify that content; help them repurpose that content. And it’s so easy right now with things like AI-generated content and ChatGPT. […] All of that technology is great for marketers. It’s incredibly powerful. But what marketers need help with is distributing content.”