Reviewing the Highest-Performing Sales Content on The Juice with Jonathan Gandolf

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Episode Summary

Tools play a crucial role in sales, and they allow sales professionals to close more deals, outperform their peers, and make their jobs much easier. But if you’re a salesperson, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; you can just lean into what’s already out there to boost your efficiency. 

In this episode of the Slice and Dice podcast, our host Brett McGrath welcomes Jonathan Gandolf, the founder and CEO of The Juice. They talk about the importance of leveraging the right technology in sales, how to use technology tools to streamline the sales process, and why sales tools are not just for salespeople.

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Key Insights

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Empathy is vital

“I think that is something, whether it’s the pandemic impact or kind of the macroeconomic impact, there’s this empathy that sales reps are trying to find and trying to strike the right balance with their audience, and they’re trying to find content to help them strike that empathy.”

Engage your audience, no matter your role

“We all love stories regardless of role, and I think that’s so important that even if you’re presenting templates or toolkits or speaking to an audience who’s focused on efficiency, you don’t want to just make it so dry; the goal of good content should be to educate and entertain. And I think that’s important to remember — that storytelling is such a critical piece of that, no matter your audience.”

Sales tools are not just for sales professionals

“I wouldn’t think just of sales activity as for sales reps. Whether you’re a marketer, a product person, the goal for all of us is to make our sales team more effective. So I would encourage you to explore sales content, understand the challenges that they’re facing, what they’re thinking, and think about how your own role can impact sales.”

Salespeople know exactly what they want

“I think it’s pretty unsurprising that sales reps may be wired a little bit more transactionally than the typical audience; so, they want to know exactly what they’re getting into and exactly what they’re going to get out of it when they approach the piece of content. And some of our most popular pieces showed that. And the other thing is, I think if they’re out of that mode, they want the exact opposite mode, which is high empathy and fun storytelling that they can empathize with. And I think that, again, is what we saw in our data.”