What Epic Thought Leadership Content Looks Like with Steffen Hedebrandt

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Episode Summary

Thought leadership is about sharing unique insights with your audience. And it’s the most effective way to establish brand credibility and build trust. But how do you create epic thought leadership content?

In this episode of the Notorious Thought Leader podcast, our host Erin Balsa welcomes Steffen Hedebrandt, the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Dreamdata. They talk about why you need to use your audience’s words in your content, what epic thought leadership content looks like, and why SEO can’t be the only play for typical B2B companies.

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Good Content Drives Demand

“Sales are the ones that sign the contracts, but contracts don’t just get signed; the demand has to come from somewhere, and quite often, it comes out of content, either used in ads or being found organically through Google or some other search engine.”

Marketing Attribution Can Help Us Understand How Consumers Make Buying Decisions

“What we typically see is that the pages that influence real revenue are very typically not the pages that would be the traffic driver or the landing page. So it’s boring stuff like the about page; people care about the integrations page, your community page, all these pages where you would go to do your due diligence when you’re making a decision about buying a product. So really, it flips your attention about what is really important. It’s not about getting people to decide; it’s also about making sure that when they’re in a buying process that the pages that they look at are actually convincing and making them feel comfortable about signing a contract with your company.”

Use the Right Tone in Your Content to Attract the Right Type of People

“It matters immensely in how you write and sound. Are we safe here? Are we aggressive? What are we doing here? So you have to be super aware about these things.”

Keep Your Graphics Crystal Clear

“It’s always a battle for people’s attention. And the next minute, their phone will ring, or somebody writes you on Messenger or something like that. So if you only have these 30 seconds, one minute, two minutes with people, then the graphics you have on your website need to be super crystal clear for people to perceive, okay, what is this product? What is it that it does? Is it valuable for my company and so forth?”

Your Content Needs to Connect to Your Product

“I think it’s extremely important that the content connects to your product, what you are trying to sell, because […] we have to tell great stories, but it also has to connect to the product that we represent. Otherwise, most likely, no revenue is going to come out of it.”