Take a Stand to Become a Thought Leader with Devin Bramhall

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Episode Summary

Thought leadership is often perceived as a process where you share your expertise with the world. 

But thought leadership is not just about having big ideas; it’s also about creating a community based on your beliefs and thoughts.

In this episode of the Notorious Thought Leader podcast, our host Erin Balsa welcomes Devin Bramhall, a marketing advisor, a TEDx organizer, and a speaker trainer. They dive deep into the concept of thought leadership, how it intertwines with content marketing, and why it’s important to tell people what you stand for.

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Thought leadership is about sharing your subject matter expertise with the world

“I think it means nothing the more we use it, but on a very basic level, it’s a subject matter expert talking about the thing they’re an expert in. That’s literally it. Quite literally, thought leadership is just someone who knows a lot about something and is either building a brand around it or using it to build the brand that they work for. It’s a person talking about something they know.”

Leaning too hard on an individual to grow your brand is risky

“The thing that I have always been wary of is — as you’re trying to grow a brand, leaning too hard on individuals at the brand to grow it; [individuals] who aren’t fundamental like founders or core to the business because again, if they leave, that puts the brand at risk. But at the same time, that’s what works now.”

Take a pro approach

“Following the buzzy anti-messaging alone isn’t a stand. It’s not going to help you stand out. And I think, right now, especially among the sort of work-related banter, the anti category is oversaturated. What’s the pro category and a realistic pro? What would a positive future look like? How do you get there? What do people need to learn? What do companies need to learn? What do leaders need to learn? What do workers need to learn? It’s like, help me down that path.”

SaaSWorks is a great example of content marketing done right

“The example I have is a company that isn’t actually producing a lot of content right now, but their approach to content is correct and smart. So the company is called SaaSWorks, and they make a product for CFOs, and they are taking what I think is a really smart approach, which is they really understand who they’re selling to and what their problems are because they not only did the research themselves over the course of a year, but also they hired a research company to go talk to CFOs one-to-one and go even deeper.”