Using personal branding for career success with Kaylee Edmondson

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Social networks have become part of everyday life, both personal and professional. And a strong personal brand on social media can help you a lot in your career.

But not all companies are open to this type of promotion of their employees, even if it can be of great benefit to them. Fearing that employees will leave them one day, companies do not want to support them in their personal branding efforts and limit them in terms of the content they can publish.

Kaylee Edmondson, Director of Demand Generation at Brightwheel, believes that leaders should always support their employees. As someone who had great leaders who invested in her and empowered her, she notes that it made her love them much more.

In this episode of Rep Your Brand, Kaylee gets into the importance of personal branding. Kaylee and our host Nick Bennett discuss whether a constant presence on LinkedIn or the content is more important, how companies look at posting content, and the benefits of LinkedIn.

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Share Your Experiences on LinkedIn

“I had come back to [Chili Piper] — I guess it would be January of 2021 — from maternity leave. I had some time off to think and not be in the daily grind to really understand what we should be doing at Chili Piper to move the needle. And it was like, ‘Wait, we’re trying really hard to sell specifically to demand gen marketers.’ And I’m a demand gen marketer. It’s really hard for me to think of myself as a thought leader or put titles on it like that, but I was like, ‘I feel like I do a successful job here for Chili Piper.’ So I’m sure there are learnings, even if some of them are like 101-level learnings, that I should be sharing — not only for my own sanity and well-being but also for others to really learn from my mistakes or my wins.”

Companies That Build in Private Versus in Public

“If you’ve landed at a company that really believes in the power of confidentiality or privacy, or just keeping everything very hush, then they are going to be naturally less supportive of you being public, especially depending on the type of content that you’re publishing. […]

If you work for a company that is public, and you’re held to Wall Street standards, that probably looks a lot different as to how you’re able to build your profile online. Because, naturally, you have different investors and different stakeholders, and you can’t share so publicly. But if you’re working for a company that is private or public and does need to report to Wall Street, I would still imagine that there’s a world in which leaders can be very supportive of how you want to build your brand in public. Just with maybe a couple of caveats that are like, ‘Please don’t disclose our revenue numbers or our growth metrics,’ or,  ‘Please don’t make projections in public about where you think we’ll be’ — those types of things, which I still feel are totally within bounds for building a healthy and supportive relationship from a leadership standpoint so that your team can truly go out and crush this word-of-mouth dark funnel market.”

A Personal Brand Is About Providing Value With Authenticity 

“When I was going to make my first post on LinkedIn, I was literally thinking things like, ‘Be myself.’ Because if I’m trying to create a character, I’m not qualified to be an actor either. I need to sound like myself; this needs to be sassy and short and Southern and like all the things that I am. So that it’s just like, ‘This is who I am. Take it or leave it.’ And if people repel it, then I know this is not gonna work. So, I just need to figure it out. But I also feel, ‘If I’m going to do this and I’m gonna spend time on it, it needs to provide value. What do I actually know within these two ears that’s truly helpful to humans?'”