Learning With Your Audience: Why Podcasting is a Superior Marketing Channel For Attracting Loyal Customers

According to PodReacher founder Jaclyn Schiff successful podcasting does more than just publish episodes, it creates an ecosystem of related content.

Key Highlights

Jaclyn Schiff was an early convert to podcasts, and as an auditory learner, listening is her preferred way to consume information. So, it’s only natural that she’s ended up with a business that helps podcasts expand their reach. 

“One of the things I noticed … the podcasters that were standing out and doing well compared to the others is that they were doing a lot of repurposing, including taking their episodes and turning them into blog content in a variety of ways,” says Jaclyn.

With years of podcast listening behind her and a career in journalism and content strategy, she started PodReacher, a company that helps podcasters do just that — turn their episodes into high-quality written content, whether it’s for company blogs or to pitch as contributed content. They also offer show notes writing.

Podcasting has become a serious tool for marketers, and if used correctly, it can help businesses reach their customers in a way that creates a more intimate and experiential connection.

“When a listener subscribes to your podcast, they’ve said yes, I want to hear you in my ears for 45 minutes a week,” Jaclyn says. 

There’s value in that, she says, and repurposing such content in mindful and strategic ways will only leverage the relationship further, leading to additional listeners and an overall stronger loyal customer base.

The Tech Qualified podcast provides B2B technology marketers with access to real world case studies and best practices. We interview industry leaders to uncover what is working in the world of B2B technology marketing.

Podcasting creates a space for learning with your potential customer

Podcasts, however, are more than just a marketing tool. If done correctly, they forge useful conversations with listeners — and potential customers. They are opportunities for learning, and not just for the listener. 

“I think when you have content where at least one party’s genuinely learning, there’s something really magical happening there,” Jaclyn says. 

For an article on the PodReacher blog, Jaclyn interviewed podcasters about how podcasting helps grow their business. One benefit mentioned was learning alongside the audience. 

“I thought that was such a great way to put it because if you’re genuinely learning on the podcast — and I actually have a theory about this — I find that the podcasts I tend to enjoy more are when I feel like the host is legitimately like learning something new.”

She believes it’s about having a shared experience

“I think any time you’re sharing an authentic experience with folks, good things can happen,” she says.

Building trust with your soon-to-be customers

What’s great about that shared experience is that it builds trust. 

“It takes a long time to build an audience, but what I hear over and over again from folks is they find that a podcast audience is a lot more loyal than the audience that just comes to you through blogging,” Jaclyn says.  

She believes relationships that can be built through a podcast are unparalleled in any other medium because the interactions feel more personal and the level of commitment is higher. 

“Once you get someone subscribing to your podcast, there’s a level of investment that a casual reader of your blog or someone that comes to you via something they saw on Twitter just doesn’t have. And that creates a sense of trust,” she says.

Ideally, once that listener base is built up, you can convert individuals into buyers. It takes time, but the investment is worth it. The people who come back and listen are building a relationship with you and/or your brand. Whether it’s over a few months or a few years, when they are ready to buy, they’ll do it from you, Jaclyn says.

Continuing the conversation in a content ecosystem

It’s simple: The more content you have in a variety of formats, the more people you reach.

“Any savvy marketer in 2020 understands that content today is about getting it in front of audiences in the format they prefer and wherever it is they hang out,” says Jaclyn.

If you’re just publishing an episode and promoting it directly, you won’t necessarily get very far. More content equals more conversations, she says. There are lots of ways you can leverage the content: presenting a new angle, reminding people of old content through different platforms, bringing in new perspectives, and just generally continuing the conversation.

Isn’t that ultimately what we want? We want to be generating conversations with our ideal customer. So, to me, the value in doing more with the content that you have is sparking additional conversation,” she says.

This creates a content ecosystem that reaches more people in the formats they prefer and within the spaces they tend to frequent.

Jaclyn mentions Dave Gerhardt, the Chief Marketing Officer at Privy, who is a whizz at content repurposing strategy. He sees the podcast as the centerpiece of content development, but after adding social posts, creating blog content, LinkedIn updates and more from that single episode, he’s got a dozen or more pieces of content he can then promote on other platforms with people who might never have listened to the podcast otherwise.

Repurposing efforts add up over time, says Jaclyn. “If you do this consistently, you will see an increase in traffic for sure.”

This is based on an episode of the Tech Qualified podcast, which provides B2B technology marketers with access to real world case studies and best practices. We interview industry leaders to uncover what is working in the world of B2B technology marketing.

Written by Tristan Pelligrino

Tristan Pelligrino is the Co-Founder of Motion. He’s a serial entrepreneur who started his career as a consultant with large IT companies such as PwC, IBM and Oracle. After getting his MBA, he started and grew one of the fastest video production companies in the country – which was listed on the Inc. 5000. Tristan now enjoys leading the content marketing strategies of some of the most innovative B2B technology companies in the country. You can find him on LinkedIn and Facebook.