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Rep Your Brand is a podcast for B2B marketers who are looking to build their career through a strong personal brand. It’s hosted by Nick Bennett, voted one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2022. In each episode, Nick captures stories about how to overcome the challenges marketers face with growing their personal brand. And, ultimately, Rep Your Brand helps marketers open doors to opportunities they never thought were possible. Listeners can tune in to get tangible tips & launch strategies to build their own personal brand right away.

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Globalization and changes in behavior and trends have caused a digital transformation at an organizational level and have given the customer more control over the process of buying. Today, a large part of the purchase process is already completed before you get in contact with the supplier. Further, social media is becoming more and more important for personal branding, just as social selling is becoming increasingly important for personal brand promotion.
A strong company brand goes a long way to building trust with your ideal customers. And it helps you stand out when compared to other competitors. But aren’t brands made up of people? How can an evangelist help build your company’s brand? In this episode, Nick uncovers how an evangelist can help build your company’s brand by providing both a unique voice and a familiar face.

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Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett is the Director of Account-Based & Field Marketing at Alyce, and a field marketing thought leader. He’s a personal branding enthusiast and field marketer who is paving the path for others in the industry as the new era of field marketing 2.0 comes into play more. Nick enjoys spending time with his daughter, write content on LinkedIn and Twitter, and meeting others in the B2B world. Give a follow if you want to elevate your game!