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Rep Your Brand is a podcast for B2B marketers who are looking to build their career through a strong personal brand. It’s hosted by Nick Bennett, voted one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2020. In each episode, Nick captures stories about how to overcome the challenges marketers face with growing their personal brand. And, ultimately, Rep Your Brand helps marketers open doors to opportunities they never thought were possible. Listeners can tune in to get tangible tips & launch strategies to build their own personal brand right away.

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July 27, 2021
Never underestimate the power of words. Words can build or break apart our relationships; they can lead businesses to success or failure. It all depends on how you use them. In this episode of Rep Your Brand, Tara Horstmeyer shares her professional journey and what sparked her to become a writer. She also talks about the importance of community and how, no matter what industry you are in, building high-quality relationships is a proven formula for success.
July 13, 2021
Building an online presence is important if you want your business to last. A personal brand provides a face to an otherwise faceless company. However, there are lessons you should learn before creating a personal online presence. In this episode of Rep Your Brand podcast, Peep Laja reveals how and why you should take advantage of social media to build your own personal brand. Peep uncovers how adopting a habit of posting leads to success. And he also encourages young professionals to believe in themselves and to not be afraid to make mistakes. In fact, according to Peep, changing your mind is a sign of strength. Peep and host Nick Bennett also discuss why companies should encourage their employees to work on their personal brand. Peep pinpoints how people don’t relate to faceless businesses; they relate to other people.
June 22, 2021
Is Gaetano DiNardi one of the most polarizing professionals in the world of B2B marketing? Some may argue that he is. In this episode of Rep Your Brand, Nick Bennett captures some of the thoughts Gaetano has on capturing and sharing your point of view. As the Head of Growth and Demand Gen at Nextiva, Gaetano is not obsessed with calendars and schedules, it’s more about what’s happening right now. And that’s how he organizes his social media presence. Gaetano talks about how your point of view plays a more vital role than having a strong opinion. On the other hand, he doesn’t think people should be too noisy or visible on social channels. He encourages people to have a balance and to post when they want to share something valuable and impactful. That way, one can make a positive impression on followers. In this episode, we also uncover Gaetano’s preferences around LinkedIn or Twitter. And we reveal the people who inspired him to become better at what he does.
June 8, 2021
In this episode of Rep Your Brand, Nick Bennett talks to Steve Lamar, the founder of PromoPrep. PromoPrep is a planning tool designed to assist marketing teams when it comes to calendars and scheduling campaigns.The two discuss Steve’s past experiences when working for a marketing agency and identify what led him to quit and turn his passion into a full-time job. Steve Lamar thinks that creating your own brand and running a business can really improve your life, but only if you’re prepared to get out there and give your best. Promoting the brand via social media platforms can help a lot, but Steve thinks that communication and honesty with others are much more important. Having a mentor is also one of the recommendations Steve breaks down. He also points out that if you make a commitment to deeply observing other professionals, it can improve your own business and help you build both personal and professional relationships.
May 26, 2021
In this episode of the Rep Your Brand podcast, MK Getler, Head of Marketing at Alyce, joins host, Nick Bennett, to discuss the importance of building a personal brand. According to MK, a personal brand is your point of view. It is a point of view at this particular moment in time. It can change and grow as you grow on a personal and professional level.
May 11, 2021
What is the secret to building a strong brand? The secret is that there are no secrets! A powerful personal brand is a result of hard work, patience, and you guessed it – being yourself! Or, as our guest likes to say, “Don’t be afraid to have strong opinions.” Justin Welsh, the founder of JW Strategic Advisory, joins Nick Bennett to share the lessons he’s learned on his solopreneur journey. Over the last decade, Justin’s helped build two $50M+ ARR companies, teams of 150+ people, and has helped raise over $300M in venture capital. Then, in 2019 he burned out and decided to start working for himself. Today, he runs an advisory firm, creates digital products, and writes about all things entrepreneurship.

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Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett is the Director of Account-Based & Field Marketing at Alyce, and a field marketing thought leader. He’s a personal branding enthusiast and field marketer who is paving the path for others in the industry as the new era of field marketing 2.0 comes into play more. Nick enjoys spending time with his daughter, write content on LinkedIn and Twitter, and meeting others in the B2B world. Give a follow if you want to elevate your game!