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Rep Your Brand is a podcast for B2B marketers who are looking to build their career through a strong personal brand. It’s hosted by Nick Bennett, voted one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2022. In each episode, Nick captures stories about how to overcome the challenges marketers face with growing their personal brand. And, ultimately, Rep Your Brand helps marketers open doors to opportunities they never thought were possible. Listeners can tune in to get tangible tips & launch strategies to build their own personal brand right away.

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What is the secret to building a strong brand? The secret is that there are no secrets! A powerful personal brand is a result of hard work, patience, and you guessed it – being yourself! Or, as our guest likes to say, “Don’t be afraid to have strong opinions.” Justin Welsh, the founder of JW Strategic Advisory, joins Nick Bennett to share the lessons he’s learned on his solopreneur journey. Over the last decade, Justin’s helped build two $50M+ ARR companies, teams of 150+ people, and has helped raise over $300M in venture capital. Then, in 2019 he burned out and decided to start working for himself. Today, he runs an advisory firm, creates digital products, and writes about all things entrepreneurship.
In this episode, Nick Bennett chats with Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-founder and CEO at Lately, the only social media management platform that creates content FOR you with the power of artificial intelligence. Kate talks about the good and bad sides of robots and explains why humans are still very important in content creation regardless of AI’s capabilities. She points out that being authentic and focused on one goal is key to success and teaches us how to properly utilize social media while looking for leads. Kate states that company culture is very important, and every team member must fit in it. She also thinks that running and growing a business can burn people out and strongly recommends employing someone to help.
We’ve entered a new B2B marketing era when people want to work with people, not with faceless companies, says Dave Gerhardt, a Chief Marketing Officer at Privy. Dave was always passionate about marketing. He is an example that hard work, constant learning, and dedication lead to success. In this episode of the Rep Your Brand podcast, Dave Gerhardt discusses the importance of building a personal brand. Dave shares his story and reveals how creating a personal brand was not his initial goal. His passion for marketing inspired him to initially think about launching a blog. Instead, he started a podcast called Tech in Boston. Dave also believes people should have side projects and consider them the best source of knowledge and sharpening skills. He also says building a brand is not everyone’s goal, and he respects that. Dave also mentions the best time to transition from a consumer to a creator is now. First, you need to find your voice, share what you are doing and then build an audience. He is also writing a book; the title is Founder Brand. ”It’s all about how being the face of your brand and sharing your work is the single best thing you can do to build the brand.”If you want to know what else Nick and Dave talked about, check out this episode of the Rep Your Brand podcast.
In this episode of Rep Your Brand, the host Nick Bennett talks with Jason Vana about branding yourself on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Jason explains how important it is to be yourself, test any advice you get, and learn everything about your target audience. Jason Vana is also known as #sassyjason, and his sharp tongue is what puts him in the spotlight. He thinks that you can’t keep telling people you’re a marketing guru if you don’t have the following: it is crucial to find your own voice and start creating content that will engage your target audience, regardless of the industry you’re in. Jason stands firmly on the standpoint that it is better to have around 300 likes and 300 comments that are authentic than having thousands of generic likes through pods or similar groups.
In this episode of Rep Your Brand, the host, Nick Bennett, talks to Kyle Coleman. Kyle leads the Growth team at Clari – a combination of sales development, growth marketing, and revenue enablement. Kyle talks about the importance of building a personal brand. He believes personal brands have a positive impact on a company’s success as well. He also finds LinkedIn as the best platform for presenting himself. LinkedIn, as Kyle says, fits his business style, writing style, and target audience. Successful people usually act like success is a Zero-Sum Game, Coleman states. They believe someone’s success must come at the expense of someone else’s. That’s not true, the guest explains. The whole point of success is sharing your story and helping others achieve it. It is also the projection of how far you have come and what else you can do to be even more successful. Kyle and Nick mention another key to success, and that is personalization. Interlocutors conclude: hundreds of likes don’t matter. What matters is the impact you have on the people you interact with. If you’ve helped one person, you’ve done a tremendous job.
In this episode of Rep Your Brand, the host, Nick Bennett, talks to Daniel Murray, a senior manager of marketing operations at ServiceTitan. Interlocutors discuss the benefits of growing your brand on LinkedIn. Daniel shares the story about his beginnings on social media and the lessons he learned over time. Daniel explains why it is crucial to be consistent on every social platform. He thinks many people are afraid of failing on social media, but that’s part of the learning process. He also knows many people are not interested in building their online presence, and that’s ok. Success doesn’t come overnight, Daniel states. Therefore, he reminds listeners about the importance of engagement and responsiveness on social platforms. ”Don’t overthink it and just start,” Daniel advises.

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Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett is the Director of Account-Based & Field Marketing at Alyce, and a field marketing thought leader. He’s a personal branding enthusiast and field marketer who is paving the path for others in the industry as the new era of field marketing 2.0 comes into play more. Nick enjoys spending time with his daughter, write content on LinkedIn and Twitter, and meeting others in the B2B world. Give a follow if you want to elevate your game!