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Taking the Lead is a podcast for B2B Tech professionals, leaders, and executives who are looking to learn and be inspired. In each episode, Christina Brady interviews top female icons who are at the forefront of revenue teams. Through highlighting their unique stories, journey, wins, and challenges, Taking the Lead helps tech professionals understand the industry, trends, and how to navigate the B2B Tech landscape.

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Believe in yourself and never settle for less than your authentic self. But that’s easier said than done, especially in the corporate world, where employees are sometimes expected to hold back a part of their personality and natural strengths to meet certain expectations. It’s time to eradicate that belief and prove to executives that only a culture of trust and open communication drives success. Therefore, we asked Amy Hegarty, SVP of Sales at MedTrainer, to join us on this episode of Taking the Lead.
You have to work hard to get your dream job. You also have to continuously learn and be ready to take certain risks to reach your goal. However, despite a strong desire, many people are insecure and afraid to step into something new. They are lulled into the routine of their current job, and although they are aware that they will not progress there, they remain in their comfort zone and do not make their career into what they really want.
An angel investor is an individual who provides capital — mainly for a business — usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Angel investors typically support startups in the beginning, when most investors are not prepared to back them. And if you pick the right investments, you’ll get a high reward.

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Christina Brady

With 15+ years of overall sales experience, and 10+ in leadership for B2B Tech companies, Christina has a proven track record of leading organizations to growth & profitability through creative, strategic, and targeted global and domestic sales. 

She has a genuine passion for building culture, coaching & developing leaders, and producing top-performing sales teams across small to enterprise organizations in various industries. Christina uses her experience to impact and support B2B Tech organizations across the US in her role on the executive team at Sales Assembly, where she is additionally building out new programs and participating in ongoing public speaking engagements. On a daily basis, she is energized by the opportunity to help companies of all sizes scale, at scale.