Tech Qualified provides B2B technology marketers with access to real world case studies and best practices. We interview industry leaders to uncover what is working in the world of B2B technology marketing.

June 16, 2020
During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with Joan Silver, the VP of Marketing at Sixgill. Joan talks about her experience in digital marketing – which began with an internet pioneer, Mapquest. Joan talks about the addiction of going along for the ride in a venture like Mapquest and how some of what she learned applies today. With experiences of more than a decade in B2B marketing, Joan brings a lot to the table with her role at Sixgill.
June 15, 2020
During this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown chats with Veronique Lafargue, Vice President of Marketing at STRIVR. This interview takes a deeper look into Veronique’s past working experience and highlights how she helped build one of the first marketing teams for Google Cloud. She also covers how she transitioned form content marketing to more of a marketing leadership role at STRIVR.
June 12, 2020
During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino chats with Adam Kranitz, Senior Director of Marketing, Brand & Communications at CloudCheckr. This interview takes a look at Adam’s past work experience which includes more than 20 plus years in creative services and technology marketing. Adam takes a deep dive into his role at CloudCheckr and shares his perspective on storytelling and other marketing campaign tactics.
June 11, 2020
During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with Blair Felter, Marketing Director at vXchnge. The interview focuses on her past experiences with programmatic advertising before shifting over to an in-house role with a technology company. Blair also breaks down how she’s built marketing functions at a few technology companies, blending content, advertising and other marketing tactics to drive demand.
June 10, 2020
During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with James Winter, VP of Marketing at Brandfolder. The interview focuses on James’ past experiences and current role working in the B2B software as a service (SaaS) industry. Brandfolder is a company that helps marketers and creatives track, manage and protect their brand elements across all platforms.
June 9, 2020
During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with Sarah Peduzzi, the Director of Marketing at Jetpack Workflow. During the podcast episode, Sarah talks about her past experiences with agencies and how she applies a lot of that knowledge to her current role at a tech company. Sarah also covers how she likes getting a little deeper with one company versus working with several different companies while at an agency.

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