Tech Qualified provides B2B technology marketers with access to real world case studies and best practices. We interview industry leaders to uncover what is working in the world of B2B technology marketing.

Episode 216: How to be a Steward of Technology with Rafael Fonseca of Artel Video Systems

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Rafael Fonseca, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Artel Video Systems. Rafael Fonseca discusses what Artel has brought to the industry in the last 30 years, what it means to them to be ‘good citizens,’ what Artel is accomplishing on the product and...
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Episode 215: Construction Industry Tech Marketing With Sarah Lee from Pype

During this episode of Tech Qualified Podcast, we talk with Sarah Lee, Director of Marketing at PYPE, a software company that develops solutions for construction companies. Sarah Lee discusses building up the marketing team at PYPE, the adoption of technology in the construction industry, how to properly move towards ABM, ways that PYPE tracks...
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Episode 214: Personalization and Account-Based Marketing with Jake Atwood of BuzzBuilder

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Jake Atwood, CEO of BuzzBuilder, a company that gives both salespeople and marketers a smarter way to connect with potential buyers, generate interest, and drive new sales leads to your inbox. Jake is a Sales Author & Speaker, and the leader behind an award-winning prospecting...
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Episode 213: A Modern Digital Customer Experience with Matt Garrepy of Solodev

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Matt Garrepy, Chief Digital Officer at Solodev, a content management and customer experience platform. Matt Garrepy discusses the innovations at Solodev, how they service the solo developer, connecting data across multiple platforms, and personalizing marketing with the customer experience.
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Episode 212: Establishing Go to Market Strategies with Dan Drechsel of BIP Capital

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Dan Drechsel, Senior Vice President at BIP Capital, a 12 year-old company focused on investing in earlier stage technology companies (includes a $100 million fund covering almost 20 companies). Dan Drechsel discusses the types of companies BIP Capital invests in, the importance of segmentation, the...
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