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Episode 237: Social Distancing Edition – The Customer Journey for Employee Recognition with Joe Staples of Motivosity

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown talk with Joe Staples, the Chief Marketing Officer at Motivosity. Joe talks about some of the adjustments the company has made to their messaging during social distancing, discusses strategies around paid search and engaging prospects using high quality content.
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Episode 236: Social Distancing Edition – Measuring Twice, Cutting Once with Latane Conant of 6Sense

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino sits down and chats with Latane Conant, the Chief Marketing Officer at 6Sense. 6Sense is an Account Engagement Platform that allows companies to proactively target the right accounts based on real-time data and behavior. Latane talks about her background before becoming a CMO, discusses the trends...
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Episode 235: Social Distancing Edition – Marketing for a World-class Development Team with Patrick Ward of Rootstrap

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown chats with the Director of Marketing at Rootstrap. Rootstrap is a company that builds apps from scratch, rescues existing products and provides additional development muscle for internal projects. Patrick talks about how the organization builds relationships with prospects and has a focus on both inbound and...
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Episode 234: Connecting Account Management and Marketing with Dawn White of IDI

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we chat with Dawn White, the Director of Marketing and Account Management at Integrated Design, Inc. (IDI). Dawn talks about her background in account management, how she transitioned to marketing, why she focuses on the success of customers first and outlines some of the major changes she made...
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Episode 233: Social Distancing Edition – The Importance of Empathy and Giving as a Marketer with D.J. Haskins from SilverCloud

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with D.J. Haskins, the VP of Marketing at SilverCloud. D.J. talks about the dramatic changes happening in the banking industry right now and pinpoints the importance of using empathy when engaging with prospects & customers.
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