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Episode 296: Using Creative Content to Solve for Industry Problems with Chris Damico of Penta Technologies

Playing it safe with content is not an option for Chris Damico. With almost 20 years of marketing industry experience, he’s taking Penta Technologies — where he’s the Marketing Director — to new heights by introducing thought leadership into the organization’s content marketing strategy to help tackle some of the challenges facing the construction...
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Episode 295: How to Get Your Partners to Market With Your Product with Michael Wise of Intelligent Contacts

Michael Wise says he’s selling a solution not a product, and this is essential to all aspects of marketing and the customer journey. As Director of Marketing & Strategy at Intelligent Contacts, a company that provides innovative cloud contact center communication, billing, and payment software for the healthcare and financial services industries, Michael focuses...
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Episode 294: Why Revenue Has To Matter To Your Marketing Team with Trinity Nguyen of UserGems

When Trinity Nguyen joined lead generation solution UserGems as its Director of Marketing she made a bold move: She got management to move revenue contribution tracking to the marketing team. "Revenue is the only number that matters to us in marketing," she says. In this episode of Tech Qualified, Trinity discusses why marketing should...
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Episode 293: Building Successful Brand Messaging for Enterprise Travelers Post COVID-19 with Liam Moroney of Rocketrip

Liam Moroney is no stranger to the ups and downs of startup life. “[T]here’s enormous risk that comes along with working at a startup, you don’t have the stability or predictability that a lot of big companies have,” says Liam who is VP of Marketing at Rocketrip, which helps enterprise companies reduce travel costs...
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Episode 292: Building a Startup’s Marketing Program from the Ground Up with Claudia Ring of rENIAC

The startup world isn’t for everyone, but Claudia Ring can’t help but be drawn to the “craziness” of them — even after working at IBM for several years. On this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown interviews Claudia about her most recent startup adventure as the Head of Marketing at rENIAC, a data engine platform. rENIAC...
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