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Episode 226: The Evolution of Thought Leadership Content with Bob Perkins from AA-ISP

During this episode of Tech Qualified Podcast, we talk with Bob Perkins, Founder and Chairman of AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals). Bob Perkins talks about the creation of AA-ISP, the various options in which members can interact with and benefit from the resources of the organization, and the ways that thought leadership...
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Episode 225: Marketing for Cybersecurity Training with Tatianna Harris from Cybrary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Tatianna Harris, Director of Digital Marketing at Cybrary, an online training platform that offers cybersecurity and IT training. Tatianna Harris talks about the growth process of Cybrary, the services they provide, how she has learned to be more open to change, and the content they...
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Episode 224: Energy Efficiency and IoT Solutions with Kevin Martin from SBT Alliance

During this episode of Tech Qualified Podcast, we talk with Kevin Martin, the Vice President of Marketing at SBT Alliance. Kevin Martin talks about what SBT Alliance offers to electrical contractor partners, controls and lighting manufacturers, and end-users, the changes that have been taking place in the industry, blending technology and services, and content...
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Episode 223: Aligning Objectives, Designing Software, and Empowering Clients with Alex Brockman from CSG

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Alex Brockman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CSG. Alex Brockman talks about expanding the brand story at CSG, their align, design, and empower client process, how he keeps tracks of ideas that are at various stages of execution, communicating with his team, and...
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Episode 222: Cybersecurity and Building Channels with Trish Kapos from RSI

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Trish Kapos - the VP of Sales and Marketing at RSI. Trish talks about building the channel, RSI’s CyberCompass cybersecurity solution, what her role as VP of Sales and Marketing looks like, picking and developing partners that make a good match, and what is involved...
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