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August 21, 2020
In her role as the lead marketer at a small company that offers IT services, Megan Battaglia says she has the best of both worlds. After beginning her career in consumer product marketing for the popular spice company McCormick, she next landed a role working on the tech side for a health company. Now at ThunderCat — where she is Director of Marketing — she gets to combine her creative side with her tech background. “I kind of have the best of both worlds with marketing for a tech company,” she says. The veteran-owned business provides IT services for the U.S. federal government, state and local governments, and Fortune 500 companies. Megan’s goal is to create marketing campaigns for the business’ B2G and B2B sides. “We’re really just bringing awareness to the company that, hey, we’re not just government, we’re also commercial. We’ve really used our name and our reputation in the government space to brand ourselves in the commercial space.” In this episode, Megan shares some of her most effective marketing strategies for reaching prospects in the government as well as private industry. COVID-19 has affected marketing strategy, but she says the company has been digital-first for a while. Though she says about 60% of the marketing budget is for digital activities, the remainder was for trade shows or other kinds of in-person events.
August 18, 2020
Account-based marketing isn’t a buzzword Juliana Pereira can get behind. “I actually call it marketing because I think that’s the only type of marketing you should be doing,” says Julianna, Vice President of Marketing for Flow, which provides software to help brands and retailers build a cross-border e-commerce business. In pre-pandemic times, Juliana invested carefully in getting the right people to Flow’s events. Of course, in-person events are no longer possible given the current state of the world, but she’s still keeping the focus on people and relationships. Instead of bringing crowds together in physical spaces, Juliana has put emphasis on webinars. In this episode, she also describes how she’s getting Flow’s well-connected investors to help her scale relationship-building with important partners. Juliana is also all about finding creative ways to get the message across. She’s published assorted content formats to keep Flow top of mind for potential customers — including a calendar with specially commissioned cartoons that was sent as a 2020 gift. The cartoons speak to prospects’ familiar e-commerce pain points. Before they were used to illustrate the calendar, the cartoons were featured on Flow’s blog. Plus, Juliana uses the cartoons in prospecting emails, which have gotten some good responses from prospects who identify with the pain points and want to talk further.
August 14, 2020
When Louisy Raymond joined the Zipari team more than two years ago, she was the second member of its marketing department — and the only one who actually had a background in marketing. Tasked with establishing a marketing strategy for the SaaS health care company, she used her 18 years of experience in the field to build her team and map out a cohesive plan. This included everything from redesigning the team’s sales decks to planning conferences and webinars. On this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown interviews Louisy who is now two years into her tenure as the senior vice president of marketing at Zipari. She talks about how she approached the startup’s marketing strategy (health insurance companies are wary of startups — they see them fail all too often), targeted the software’s ideal audience (the highly educated C-suite) and built out content (super niche white papers). At the end of the interview, Louisy reveals how she keeps her finger on the B2B marketing pulse. Spoiler: She loves and podcasts.
August 12, 2020
Playing it safe with content is not an option for Chris Damico. With almost 20 years of marketing industry experience, he’s taking Penta Technologies — where he’s the Marketing Director — to new heights by introducing thought leadership into the organization’s content marketing strategy to help tackle some of the challenges facing the construction industry. The company develops enterprise construction software that helps construction, service, and engineering enterprises improve business performance. “It’s just getting that knowledge out there that, Hey, you have a problem and here’s how you can streamline your payroll. Here’s how you can streamline your planning. It’s really helped us gain the trust of customers who might have not looked to us as a solution before.” In this episode, Chris explains how he’s doing that through webinars and testimonials. Additionally, Chris discusses content marketing hurdles. “I think the biggest challenge in content marketing is not deciding what to do. It’s deciding what not to do,” says Chris. “And you know, a lot of times you’re not going to know that until you try it, so I say that when you try something and it doesn’t work, you have to be comfortable with letting go and then going for something that does.”
August 10, 2020
Michael Wise says he’s selling a solution not a product, and this is essential to all aspects of marketing and the customer journey. As Director of Marketing & Strategy at Intelligent Contacts, a company that provides innovative cloud contact center communication, billing, and payment software for the healthcare and financial services industries, Michael focuses on brand management, lead-generation and strategy development for a technology product that can be difficult for clients to understand. So that’s why he tries to look at it from a different perspective, showing clients how to leverage their use of the latest in data management systems and machine learning to hook their own new clients. “The big thing is solution selling. We’re not selling a product, we’re selling a solution, so all of our communication is based on: ‘Hey, remember that problem that we both kind of identified that seemed to trigger some emotion in you that you want to get fixed immediately? Is that still a problem? We did agree that was something our solutions could fix.’,” Michael says. They try to look at these relationships more as partnerships, working alongside client companies to help them understand how to market their own products and services by showcasing the solutions Michael’s company offers. “We’re saying not only will this help your business grow from today, but it’ll help you get new business because you’re now using the types of technology that are required to reel in the big fish.”
August 7, 2020
When Trinity Nguyen joined lead generation solution UserGems as its Director of Marketing she made a bold move: She got management to move revenue contribution tracking to the marketing team. “Revenue is the only number that matters to us in marketing,” she says. In this episode of Tech Qualified, Trinity discusses why marketing should have a front-row seat to the sales lifecycle. At UserGems, marketing takes an active role in listening to sales calls in the pipeline review, and both departments agree on leads before outreach. They don’t partition the pipeline like MQL and SQL, she says, “We look at the pipeline together. We review our pipeline pretty intensely every single week. It’s all hands on deck.” She notes this collaboration is possible because UserGems is a small company, but they want to maintain that teamwork even as they grow. She discusses why they’re more focused on LinkedIn than other social channels, and shares how she’s thinking about expanding content operations in the future (hint: They don’t want to create stuff that won’t actually be consumed).

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