Most B2B technology companies struggle to get prospects to know, like & trust them.

We're about helping you with your audience throughout their journey.

Asking yourself one of these questions? Well, that's where we come in.

Where do I get started with content marketing?

How do I create compelling & interesting content that resonates with my audience?

How can I differentiate my technology company in the market?

What type of content should I produce?

What type of content should I produce? Videos, white papers, infographics?

How can I enhance my content - beyond simple blog posts or articles? What about video content?

What can you expect from our team?

Technology changes quickly. And we find that our client partners require a team that is flexible and adaptable to their needs. By working together, we have the ability to develop visual and relevant thought leadership content.

Here’s a breakdown of our team’s core values:

  • Driven – We don’t settle for average. Our team does not stop until we get it right. We stay focused on the delivery and make sure that every pixel of a design or every clip in a video gets put into the right place.
  • Professional -We take pride in our process and strive to provide an amazing experience for clients. We understand that what we do impacts the bottom line.
  • Analytical – Marketing projects have a lot of moving parts. We constantly solve problems – from design challenges to complex technical specifications.

Our founder's story

Hi. My name is Tristan Pelligrino and I’m the Co-Founder of Motion. During my early career in consulting, working for large firms such as Oracle and IBM, I learned how much of a challenge it was to articulate the value of technology. Whether it was creating a proposal or delivering a sales presentation…communicating the benefits of technology was hard.

So, I decided to go and get my MBA in Marketing and learn how to overcome these types of challenges. During my graduate studies, I launched my first entrepreneurial effort – a video production company. After years of leading that organization (and getting it on the Inc. 5000 list my final year), I sold my stake to my business partner.

Now, I’m leading the work we do here at Motion. I’m able to combine my firsthand experience in technology with the marketing expertise I’ve developed over the last decade. My ultimate mission is to help each and every one of our clients develop amazing visual content, become a thought leader and position themselves as the choice in the market.

Featured Case Study

Bryan Bostic

Chief Executive Officer of Visual Workforce
“Our technology serves a number of different verticals. So, we needed to develop several types of visual content pieces tailored to specific audiences. Motion helped us craft the messages and the visual content needed to break through each segment.”

A few of the technology companies we've helped