We're about helping you launch your podcast in the next 21 days

Asking yourself one of these questions? Well, that's where we come in.

Are you wondering how to come up with a name for your show? Should it be tied to your brand or not?
Struggling to figure out how to design your cover art? What other design assets do you need for a podcast?
Trying to determine how to lineup guests for your show? How do you ask them to come on? What do you send them beforehand?
Are you looking to determine the best hosting platform for your show? What about the best podcast player? Wondering how you get the episode on your website?
Still figuring out the best format for your show? What about the questions - how do you know you're asking the right questions?
Does your podcast need an intro? Should this be pre-recorded? Do you need a voiceover artist to do it? And what about an outro - what should I include?
Once you have guests lined up, what platform do you use to record the podcast? What happens if there's technical difficulties?
Show notes. What should you put in those? What about videos? How do you create videos and get out on social?

What can you expect from our team?

Technology changes every day. And you’re crazy busy trying to keep up with marketing trends. Your internal team. External team. Project timelines. It’s a lot.

We understand what you’re going through. So, here’s a breakdown of our team’s core values:

  • Develop a strategy first – Every engagement we have starts with the strategy of the podcast, not just the creation. People tend to be so ready to put points on the board with content development that they sometimes forget to ask, why are we doing this? We start every engagement with that question.
  • Empathize – We try to see the world through your lens. We understand the challenges you go through and we try to make it so everything we do removes roadblocks – and doesn’t add them. We’re here to help you succeed!
  • Customize everything – We believe everything that we do to serve you, should be custom. Nothing is out-of-the-box. In today’s market, automated emails, stale copy or mundane visuals won’t cut through the noise. Customize everything to your market and to individuals within it.

The story of our founders

Motion was founded by Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown

Tristan’s early career began with consulting, working for large firms such as Oracle and IBM, During his early years, Tristan learned how much of a challenge it was to articulate the value of technology. Whether it was creating a proposal or delivering a sales presentation…communicating the benefits of technology was hard. So, he decided to get an MBA in Marketing and develop a skillset to overcome these types of challenges.

On the other hand, Justin’s career has been spent working with B2B tech companies in both sales and marketing. Justin has helped launch modern sales programs at several technology companies – both from a recruiting and infrastructure/operations standpoint.  

In 2015, Justin joined forces with Tristan at one of the fastest growing production companies in the country (Tristan was the co-founder of the video production company). Their efforts built a marketing and sales program that helped catapult the company to the Inc. 5000 list for the first time. 

In 2016, Tristan sold his shares in the production company to his partner. And shortly thereafter, Tristan and Justin launched Motion. Now, the two professionals are able to combine firsthand experience in technology, marketing and sales to help tech companies develop the best podcast in their space

A few of the technology companies we've helped