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Podcast production

From concept to screen: A show about looking great on video podcasts

A video podcast can power your company’s entire content marketing strategy.

But I see B2B tech companies struggle over & over again with their video podcast setup.

A subpar setup can have a negative impact on several things as a marketing professional. And that’s why we created On Camera On Brand.

On Camera On Brand is a podcast for professionals who want to look good on camera, but don’t have the time or expertise to get their equipment, lighting and environment setup properly. In each episode, Rob Ruscher uncovers how professionals can get the most from their home or office setups and illustrates how you can look your best while on camera. After all, if you invest the time to share your stories on camera, you should be on brand.

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Podcast strategy

Podcast metrics demystified: How to measure the ROI of your company’s podcast

During the sales cycle, people often ask me what specific podcast metrics a company should consider. I used to try and answer these questions directly. I’d ask questions about the company’s current content distribution strategy. And I’d then reference podcast statistics or outline ballpark numbers from other shows.

But I don’t do that anymore. It’s a losing battle.

Instead, I use these questions to share my point of view on podcasting and its impact on an organization’s overall content strategy.

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Podcast strategy

Uncovering the hidden costs of podcast production pricing

Are you thinking of launching a podcast for your company? If so, pricing is probably on your mind. And if you’re on a small, scrappy marketing team, you’re probably trying to figure out what to do with in-house resources. Or, you’re evaluating whether a podcast agency could be the right fit for your budget.

But before you decide whether you’re outsourcing podcast production, it’s important to understand pricing.

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Podcast strategy

Podcast marketing: 13 ways you can grow your company’s podcast

To start a podcast, you have to jump through a lot of hoops. You must figure out your niche, develop a theme statement, create a visual framework and confirm who will host the show. And let’s not forget; you must convince your CEO it’s the right move.

It’s a lot of work. I’ve seen it firsthand as I’ve helped launch over 60+ podcasts at Motion over the last few years.

But even though it’s a huge relief when you hit “publish” on your first episode, that’s not where the work stops.

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The only show created for B2B podcasters

Recorded Content

Hosted by Tristan Pelligrino & Justin Brown

The Recorded Content podcast is for small, scrappy marketing teams who are looking to launch & grow a successful B2B podcast. In each episode, we provide stories on how to overcome the challenges of launching, running and growing a show. We tackle issues with technology, content marketing, distribution and more. We help you become a B2B podcasting hero with an amazing show.