A full-service podcast agency built for technology companies

Figuring out where to start with a podcast is hard. There’s a lot of “stuff” involved. Things like storytelling, cover art, interview techniques, hosting, recording platforms and equipment.

It’s ok. It doesn’t have to be hard. With one of our packages, you get everything needed to launch and grow your customers’ favorite show.

Video podcasting as a service

We don’t just get you an audio file. With our monthly video podcast packages, your company gets audio, video and written content from each genuine conversation.


Monthly video podcast
$ 2,450
  • 1 edited podcast
  • 1 edited video podcast
  • 1 short promo video
  • 2 video clips
  • 2 social images (any size)
  • 4 social media posts
  • 1 show notes
  • 1 full-length transcript


Bi-weekly video podcast
$ 3,950
  • 2 edited podcasts
  • 2 edited video podcasts
  • 2 short promo videos
  • 4 video clips
  • 4 social images (any size)
  • 8 social media posts
  • 2 show notes
  • 2 full-length transcripts


Weekly video podcast
$ 5,995
  • 4 edited podcasts
  • 4 edited video podcasts
  • 4 short promo videos
  • 8 video clips
  • 8 social images (any size)
  • 16 social media posts
  • 4 show notes
  • 4 full-length transcripts

Every package comes with the support you need

Weekly Consulting

Every podcast evolves over time. When working with us, we'll jump on a weekly status call to talk through any new ideas, challenges or other questions you may have.

Podcast Hosting

We take care of your hosting platform for you. We'll get the show set up, ensure it's connected to all the major platforms. The price of hosting is included in all of our plans.

Recording Platform

We get your audio & video recording platform in place. This allows you to bring on guests from all over the world. The price for the recording platform is included with all of our plans.

Project Management

Every episode is tracked within our portal. We make it easy to submit new episodes for post-production, request written content and more. It's the closest thing to an easy button you'll ever see.

Graphic Design

Repurposing is a major benefit to podcasting. With all of our plans, we create original designs for social images, videos, sliders and more. Keep your show fresh and stand out.

File Management

A podcast has a lot of moving parts. There are audio files, video files, graphic design files and all of the final assets. When you work with us, we keep everything neatly organized in the cloud.

It doesn't matter which package you get,
you get a lot from
each episode

A single conversation. One podcast episode. This all leads to content you can publish every single day. When you get an episode recorded, here’s what you get:
  • A full episode in audio format to publish on your website, Apple podcasts and other platforms
  • A full episode in video format to publish on Youtube
  • Short videos of key highlights
  • Images of the best quotes
  • Detailed show notes (1,000 – 1,500 words)
  • Full-length transcripts manually reviewed & edited by our copywriters
  • Social posts to publish from your company’s profiles

Podcast Competitive Benchmark Report

At Motion, we’ve launched over 50 podcasts for technology companies. And analyzing B2B podcasts is what we do nearly every single day.

Want us to conduct a competitive analysis before you start your own podcast? Purchase the Podcast Competitive Benchmark Report and we’ll deliver it in 5 business days.

You should not struggle to launch
a podcast for your company

Are you wondering how to come up with a name for your show? Should it be tied to your brand or not?
Struggling to figure out how to design your cover art? What other design assets do you need for a podcast?
Trying to determine how to lineup guests for your show? How do you ask them to come on? What do you send them beforehand?
Are you looking to determine the best hosting platform for your show? What about the best podcast player? Wondering how you get the episode on your website?
Still figuring out the best format for your show? What about the questions - how do you know you're asking the right questions?
Does your podcast need an intro? Should this be pre-recorded? Do you need a voiceover artist to do it? And what about an outro - what should I include?
Once you have guests lined up, what platform do you use to record the podcast? What happens if there are technical difficulties?
What should you put in show notes? What about videos? How do you create videos and get out on social?

No worries. Stop asking yourself these questions. We can help.

“You ultimately want us to be successful. You have a stake in our success with the podcast.”

Jaimee Ryan

Head of Marketing