Podcasting was literally my lifeline.

According to Jen Kern, CMO of Qu POS, Inc., “Podcasting was my lifeline professionally and personally during the pandemic. It became the only strategy at a time when it was frowned upon to be doing outbound sales and marketing.”


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Every tech company should have a podcast. But if it’s not so obvious to you, here’s why.

Today's B2B buyer is going to check you out 15-25 times before reaching out to sales. A podcast is the most intimate way to keep in touch before they're ready to chat.
A podcast starts with audio...but then it can be repurposed into 5, 10 or even 20 different pieces of content. Whatever format your buyers are looking for...video, audio, written, social. They get it with your podcast.
Evergreen content is great. But in tech, things change every day. You need to go on a journey with your buyers. Evolve with them. A podcast is the easiest way to share stories and be a part of your customers' world.
An ebook takes weeks to write. Case studies are a pain. Blog posts never get approved. It takes a ton of status calls just to make sure projects get done. With a podcast, record one conversation and you get everything in 7 business days.
Most written content doesn't sound like you. Your latest white paper was from a ghostwriter. The last blog post was edited so many times...you don't know who wrote it. With a podcast - you get original, authentic material...every single time.
The C-suite is hard to wrangle. They're busy. Your dev team doesn't like to write. They'd rather code. Sales wants to sell. With a podcast, it's just a conversation. Everyone can share their expertise with your buyers.
A podcast connects everyone who matters to your ideal customers. Internal experts, industry leaders, prospects, partners - they're all a part of your show.
We all know it. You have to help first. You can't sell to a b2b buyer without them knowing, liking and trusting your brand. If your buyers listen in to each episode, you've earned their trust. And they're going to buy from you.