Restaurants Reinvented

Qu POS, Inc.

Shining a light on the brilliant Restaurant Marketers behind our favorite brands. Get inspired with innovative brand building, guest engagement, and revenue-driving strategies. Join host Jen Kern, long-time CMO, as she dishes with leading restaurant marketing pros who are elevating their game and careers by staying agile in the face of uncertainty to help their brands shine and prosper.

Short promotional videos

Qu has an opportunity to showcase highlights from the long-form podcasts with short videos. The promo videos identify key points in the episode and are used for distribution on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Full-length audio episodes

The full audio episodes include: 

Social images

Qu uses a variety of images to promote the show on social media platforms and the organization’s website. In this case, Motion provides a variety of images (in different shapes & sizes) with every single episode.

Show notes & featured articles

Qu develops a dedicated page for every single podcast episode. Each page includes a set of show notes (approximately 1,200 – 1,500 words) capturing the best elements from the episode.

Featured articles (or blog posts) are also created from major themes referenced in the episodes.

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