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Restaurants Reinvented

Restaurants Reinvented is a video series developed for Qu, a software company providing restaurants with a simplified omni-channel ordering solution. The video series shines a light on restaurant leaders behind your favorite brands. The program features Qu’s CMO, Jen Kern, as the host and uncovers how restaurant professionals are staying agile in the face of uncertainty. Motion helps Qu craft audio, written, and video content for distribution across all of Qu’s main marketing channels.

The Role Forward

The Role Forward is a video podcast developed for Mosaic, a financial technology company that empowers finance leaders to transform their roles. Hosted by various Mosaic executives, the podcast features industry leaders discussing smarter, faster, and more profitable business decisions through technology. Motion helps Mosaic create engaging audio, written, and video content to distribute across all of Mosaic’s main marketing channels, positioning finance professionals as strategic partners within their organizations.

Offer Accepted

Offer Accepted is a video series created for Ashby, a company specializing in recruitment software for high-performing TA teams. This podcast, aimed at modern recruiters, explores world-class recruitment strategies and processes. Each episode provides valuable insights from top talent in the industry. Motion collaborates with Ashby in producing and distributing engaging audio, written, and video content for its marketing team. This show helps Ashby’s target customers do their job better and elevate their current recruiting strategies.

The Digital Banking Podcast

The Digital Banking Podcast is produced for Tyfone, a provider of innovative digital banking solutions. This video podcast explores how digital banking is transforming community-focused financial institutions. Featuring industry expert guests, the show offers unique perspectives on the evolving role of digital banking. Motion supports Tyfone by creating and distributing compelling audio, written, and video content for use within both marketing and sales teams.

Unspoken Security

Unspoken Security is an award-winning video podcast produced for ZeroFox, a leader in external cybersecurity. Hosted by AJ Nash, this raw and gritty podcast gets into how threat actors leverage the internet, offering practical insights and blunt truths from industry experts. Motion works alongside ZeroFox to produce and distribute engaging audio, written, and video content to build rapport with cybersecurity professionals.

The Marketing Rapport

The Marketing Rapport is a video series created for Verisk Marketing Solutions, designed for marketing professionals aiming to understand their consumers better and create unique, personalized experiences. Each episode features hosts from Verisk connecting with industry thought leaders and experts to share powerful data-driven insights. Motion assists Verisk in producing and distributing engaging audio, written, and video content across their main marketing channels, enhancing B2C experiences and fostering stronger consumer connections.

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