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Get high-quality video and written content from your existing webinars, podcast episodes or interviews.

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Full-service content series

Get our team to run your entire content program. We’ll plan, create, and manage a consistent video series or podcast. Audio, video, and written content – completely off of your plate.

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What types of content do you create?

We produce high-quality videos, podcast episodes, and written content, tailored to your business needs. The content we create can be used on your company’s website, in advertising channels, on social platforms — wherever your customers hang out.

We collaborate with your team to develop a strategic content plan. This document outlines your business goals, ideal customers, key themes, concept, format, and structure. During this planning process, we also develop the visual framework for the series and ensure it meets expectations before anything gets recorded.

We primarily serve small B2B marketing teams in technology and professional services industries. Most often, the marketers we help are on small, scrappy teams who have to do a lot…with a little.

Our rigorous quality assurance process includes thorough editing, review, and alignment with your brand standards. We also use special software to capture feedback from your team — no long email chains with revision requests.

Yes, we can manage the scheduling, publishing, and promotion of your content across all major channels.

Our content creation can include scripting, recording, editing, and finalization of video, audio, and written materials. We can craft a plan that’ll fill in all of your team’s gaps.

We provide detailed analytics and insights to track engagement, reach, and effectiveness, helping optimize your content strategy. If you like, we can craft a marketing operations plan and build a custom dashboard — pulling in data from a variety of different platforms.

We update the content plan quarterly, ensuring it remains aligned with your evolving business goals and market trends.

Our content is crafted from your team’s original recordings — this ensures your company’s expertise is baked into every piece. Our programs help position your brand as a thought leader, engaging your audience with professional, high-impact audio, video, and written material.

Here are a few snapshots of
what it's like to work with us.

A nimble, personable team

“They are a nimble, personable team of professionals who handle all of the behind-the-scenes podcast work that our team wasn’t equipped to to do (specifically editing). Plus, they deliver a fantastic final set of files for distribution. It makes it super easy for us.”

Dakota Hebert

CMO @ Checkwriters

A rare partner

“In my industry, we take our partnerships very seriously. It’s rare to find a team in tech that has the same values. You guys have gone above & beyond to teach me all about podcasting.”

Jenifer Kern

CMO @ Qu

As good as in-house resources

“I have to balance strategy and big-picture vision alongside day-to-day execution. Motion alleviates that pressure by being a true self-service shop for our podcasts—we just send a raw recording out the door and everything we need comes back.”

Brandon Garcin

Content @ Syncro

Super responsive

“Motion gives us everything we need for distribution. You record an episode and they give you a bunch of content. The team is really responsive. As someone who works at a tech startup, it’s important to move fast. “

Canwen Xu

Product Marketing @ Certa