Episode 248: Why B2B Lead Generation is Dying and How Companies Can Pivot with Andre Yee of Triblio

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino chats with the CEO of Triblio, Andre Yee. The conversation pinpoints some of the major challenges with B2B marketing right now – especially with standard MQLs and the traditional “lead model”. Andre talks about the shortcomings of using some of the standard marketing automation tools and how companies can pivot a bit to help gain rapport with prospects before they reach out and engage directly.

Episode Highlights

  • Andre provide some highlights about his past work experience which includes a range of B2B technology companies
  • Andre was a very early employee at Eloqua and helped grow the organization from around $15-$20 million to $125 million – in about 5.5 years
  • Triblio was sparked by a lot of the experience Andre had with many first generation marketing automation platforms and technologies
  • Triblio helps companies execute account-based marketing from end-to-end instead of piecing several different types of technologies together
  • Andre discusses some of the major components to an account-based marketing strategy  and how an organization can set up an effective foundation
  • To execute and account-based marketing strategy effectively, one of the most important things to note is the customization with your prospects
  • Based on research conducted by Triblio, it’s important to understand that many companies interact with prospects 90 days or more before they fill out a form
  • With an account-based marketing strategy, companies can actually be more proactive in how they engage their prospects and avoid sitting back until someone raises their hand and provides contact information
  • Retargeting is effective, but that whole process depends upon a prospect actually visiting the website first
  • With Triblio, companies have the ability to customize a visitor’s experience on a website without any type of programming
  • Content is truly the fuel behind your ABM campaigns and if you don’t have great content, you’re going to have limited success engaging prospects 
  • Andre sees a very strong trend towards video and developing a variety of types of content for prospects to consume in a number of different ways 
  • For those looking to get more information from ABM experts, Triblio actually has a new video series featuring interview segments from experts in the field

Key Points

  1. Many of the methods and techniques used 10 years ago in B2B marketing no longer work in the same way – evidence points to the fact that MQLs only close at less than a 1% rate now.
  2. The traditional model suggests that you go out and get as many leads as possible versus focusing on the specific accounts in your target market.
  3. Most marketing automation platforms focus on the engagement after a prospect has filled out a form on a website, but in reality, a prospect often shows many signs of engagement before providing contact information.



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