Episode 296: Using Creative Content to Solve for Industry Problems with Chris Damico of Penta Technologies

Episode Summary

Playing it safe with content is not an option for Chris Damico.

With almost 20 years of marketing industry experience, he’s taking Penta Technologies — where he’s the Marketing Director — to new heights by introducing thought leadership into the organization’s content marketing strategy to help tackle some of the challenges facing the construction industry. The company develops enterprise construction software that helps construction, service, and engineering enterprises improve business performance.

“It’s just getting that knowledge out there that, Hey, you have a problem and here’s how you can streamline your payroll. Here’s how you can streamline your planning. It’s really helped us gain the trust of customers who might have not looked to us as a solution before.”

In this episode, Chris explains how he’s doing that through webinars and testimonials.

Additionally, Chris discusses content marketing hurdles. “I think the biggest challenge in content marketing is not deciding what to do. It’s deciding what not to do,” says Chris. “And you know, a lot of times you’re not going to know that until you try it, so I say that when you try something and it doesn’t work, you have to be comfortable with letting go and then going for something that does.”

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Key Insights

Episode Highlights

“We’ve gathered testimonials. We launched a webinar series … where we really tackle the sort of big industry challenges that a lot of construction companies are facing right now and the different tech that can help them solve that problem. The construction industry is really, it’s kind of fun. I mean, it’s resistant to change and, I think it’s second only to the agriculture and hunting industry for the ‘least digitized industry’ in America since the 1960s.”
“I think that there are so many resources out there that just kind of focusing on your own to do list and what your team has laid out and internal requests and that sort of thing. Well, that’s great. You know, it’s not going to help you innovate and come up with the next big idea. That’s really going to help your lead gen efforts in your thought leadership and content efforts.”
“For whatever reason, a lot of the challenges facing the construction industry can’t be solved by technology. It’s just getting that knowledge out there … So we’re really trying to educate through different articles, case studies, the webinars or videos … It’s really helped us gain the trust of customers who might have not looked to us as a solution before.”
“We’re launching this new product software that’s still in development. As a test earlier this year, I ran a paid ads campaign and they performed, but the cost per lead was astronomically high. And so we had to pause that — that’s something that we’ll come back to when we learn a little bit more about this new audience that we’re trying to market to. Just being able to innovate, try something new and then put it on pause when it’s not working and opt for something else that will work better is the daily challenge in the world of content marketing.”
“Being able to talk directly with current customers is huge. And then just looking out into the industry, doing a lot of industry research and connecting with a lot of different industries, associations is also huge. You know, you can gain so much knowledge and just expose yourself to so many more resources than you would be able to just on your own, or having your team operate in a silo.”

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