Episode 305: Why You Need Video in Your Content Marketing Strategy with Adam Lambert of Calendly

Episode Summary

Taking the reins of an established marketing team shouldn’t mean throwing out everything that’s come before. Put the hard work of your predecessors to good use.

Adam Lambert joined scheduling software company Calendly as its Senior Content and Digital Marketing Manager in January 2020. He spent his first three months studying what his team had achieved before his arrival.

“Customer service was really strong: people had good resources to answer current customer questions. So I didn’t have to spend a lot of time with current customers, compared with connecting with people who might find this tool useful,” he says.

Adam identifies content marketing — especially video — as one of the strongest mediums for getting word out about your product.

In this episode of Tech Qualified, Adam tells Tristan Pelligrino why and how marketers should put their time and budget into video.

“The money doesn’t hurt as bad when you’re getting 12 pieces of content. You’re making this video, a transcript and a blog about this video, and you’re doing thought leadership because you’re going to share clips,” he says. “You’re doing a lot more than the one deliverable that’s laid out on the contract.”

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“Calendly connects to your own calendar: you set the terms and your own availability, and it allows the scheduler to choose times that work for you… As far as helping sales and marketing organizations, it’s really big for outreach: who’s interested, who wants to take a step towards purchasing or learning about my product?”
“Templatize things: that way you can be consistent. The number one thing with content is whether or not you’re consistent about putting it out. You can put out five of the most valuable pieces of content in the history of the internet and they will go away in five months or a year. So you have to be consistent, even if you’re saying the same things over and over again.”
“The best way you can learn about your product — how people are using it, where they’re feeling frustration, why they do or don’t want to buy it — is listening to sales calls and customer support calls. It’s like watching game film. If you’re an NFL quarterback, you need to know what this defense does and how our offense operates when this defense does that. Listening to what customers have to say before they’ve bought and after they’re using your product is your due diligence.”
“I leave plenty of room for sporadic content, because that’s how it happens to the marketing department. Almost anywhere you go, people come to marketing and they need something yesterday, and that’s OK: we try to account for that and accommodate. When it comes to things like blogs or social posting, set a cadence. For example, I’m going to do an employee spotlight every two weeks. That way, even if I don’t have those queued up, I know they’re due.”
“This might be blasphemy, but even if you have to steal from your paid search budget, take $3,000 or $5,000 and make a few videos. Find the person at your company who’s most comfortable on camera, figure out the person who can write a script, and make sample videos. Have one videographer, ideally two cameras, and have that person edit it… I would encourage people to try with the talents you have around you.”

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