Navigating Demand Wars: A Fresh Take on B2B Marketing with Bolaji Oyejide

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Episode Summary

In this episode, we dive deep with Bolaji Oyejide, the mastermind behind the serialized content show, Demand Wars. Bolaji unravels the intricacies of storytelling in B2B marketing, emphasizing the power of serialized content. He highlights the need for marketers to shift from data-driven narratives to emotion-driven narratives, fostering a more profound connection with the audience.

Bolaji cites examples of successful serialized content, including his own show, Demand Wars, and others like ProfitWell’s Recur Network and Salesforce Plus. He underscores the growing trend of reputable brands venturing into serialized content, paving a unique path for B2B marketing.

In a captivating finish, Bolaji intertwines the history of hip hop and music composer Johann Brahms to illustrate the secret to long-term influence: repetition and gentle surprise. With valuable insights and engaging anecdotes, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to elevate their B2B marketing strategy.

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Episode Highlights

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling in B2B Marketing

Bolaji Oyejide and Erin Balsa discuss the potency of storytelling in the B2B marketing context. Bolaji points out how stories are universally relatable and have the power to influence people’s decisions and actions. He emphasizes the need for marketers to master the art of storytelling to connect better with their audience and stand out in the crowded B2B space.

“Storytelling is everywhere. And it’s not just in B2C, it’s in B2B as well. When you master it, you can create the most compelling content that will make you stand out.”

The Role of Hip-Hop in Marketing Innovation 

Bolaji draws a unique parallel between hip-hop’s evolution and marketing innovation. He explores how hip-hop artists utilized what was readily available to them, like sampling tracks from the past, to create something fresh and exciting. Similarly, marketers can innovate by leveraging available resources and introducing a fresh perspective.

“Much like hip-hop artists, marketers may not always have access to new tools, but they can create something remarkable using what they have.”

Balancing Repetition and Surprise for Successful Marketing

Bolaji and Erin delve into a crucial aspect of successful marketing – balancing repetition and surprise. Bolaji uses the analogy of hip-hop sampling to describe this perfect balance, where familiar elements are mixed with slight twists to captivate the audience’s attention.

“Successful influence is achieved not by coming from left field, but through a mix of repetition and gentle surprise.”

The Future of Demand Wars

Towards the end of the episode, Bolaji shares his excitement about the future of Demand Wars, a project he’s currently working on. He invites listeners to follow along as they try something new and innovative in the marketing space.

“We’re working on the show right now. I’m very excited about it. It should be going live in the next few months, but we’re trying something pretty new here, so we’d love for you to follow along.”