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Motion helps B2B technology companies strike up genuine conversations with the exact people they want to do business with. We create a thought leadership program – then produce and deliver podcasts, video interviews and written formats to make it happen.

4 simple steps to having genuine conversations with your ideal customers

Tell us your goals

Unsure of how to use a thought leadership program to engage prospects and customers? Wondering how you can start having natural conversations with prospects? Let's jump on a discovery call to understand how we can help you deliver on your specific goals - from lead generation to brand awareness.

Identify core opportunities

Our Thought Leadership Opportunity Analysis will guide you on how to stand out. We’ll first analyze your competitors by looking at detailed website data and other metrics. Then, we'll outline a program you can use to engage prospects and establish your tech as the choice.

Develop strategic action plan

Using our Custom B2B Content Framework, we’ll create a strategic action plan. We’ll build a custom program, using a podcast or video series, that will naturally engage your prospects & customers. We'll establish the entire system - from strategy to production and delivery.

Create thought leadership content

Strategy in place, our content marketing and creative experts will create all the key content needed to deliver against your goals. We'll ensure content is on brand and strategically aligned with your ideal customer profile. You just focus on having in-depth conversations with your audience.

Episode 296: Using Creative Content to Solve for Industry Problems with Chris Damico of Penta Technologies

Playing it safe with content is not an option for Chris Damico. With almost 20 years of marketing industry experience, he’s taking Penta Technologies — where he’s the Marketing Director — to new heights by introducing thought leadership into the organization’s content marketing strategy to help tackle some of the challenges facing the construction...
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The Ultimate Thought Leadership Guide for B2B Tech Companies

If you’re looking to generate engaging conversations with your ideal customers while also positioning your technology as the choice in the marketplace, then access Motion’s Ultimate Thought Leadership Course for B2B Tech Companies. The online course provides a complete step-by-step process required to establish a thought leadership program using a podcast or video series.

P.S. – It’s free and there’s no silly form to fill out. Just read it & let us know what you think!

Client Spotlight

Steve Richard

Chief Revenue Officer of ExecVision

“I have worked with a variety of companies over the years and Motion has their act together. Their process is impeccable. I didn’t have to do much thinking, they just took care of the whole process.”

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The Ultimate B2B Technology Content Marketing Framework

  • Struggling to identify the right content to produce?
  • Wondering how you can attract prospects with your content?
  • Looking to position your technology as an authority in your space?

Download our complete framework today and start using a proven content marketing strategy.

How to Use empathy maps in your content marketing

  • Wondering how to create relevant content for your audience?
  • Struggling to develop a process for generating content ideas?
  • Trying to determine what your customers care about?

Download our worksheet to unlock a deeper connection with your customers. Use our process to go beyond traditional personas and win over your customers.

create content along the customer journey

  • Wondering how to personalize content for your customers?
  • Struggling to determine the types of content to produce for customers who aren’t ready to buy yet?
  • Trying to understand the types of information customers are looking for when finding a solution?
Download our worksheet and start mapping out the content you have with the right stages in your customer’s journey.