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Hosted by Chantelle Marcelle

Companies & Communities is a podcast for B2B marketers looking to create communities to help build their company brand. In each episode, Chantelle Marcelle interviews community marketers and helps deconstruct how B2B organizations are using community as a growth mechanism. Ultimately, the Companies & Communities helps marketing professionals learn how they can start, grow and build a community of fans for their brand.

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August 4, 2021
Do you like playing video games? If your answer is yes, you’ll enjoy today’s episode of the Companies and Communities podcast. Our host, Chantelle Marcelle, welcomes Evva Karr, the founder and CEO at Glitch, an ecosystem builder tipping big ideas into action by backing creators who are thinking bigger and differently about play. Evva talks about the future of play and discusses how it all comes down to the player’s experience and what they expect from the games they play. According to her, play is a human need, so it’s Glitch’s job to provide the best players’ experience.
July 21, 2021
What’s really needed to grow a community of fans for your brand? In this episode of the Companies & Communities podcast, host Chantelle Marcelle and Arielle Nissenblatt, the Community Manager at SquadCast, discuss the essentials of growing a healthy community. Arielle is an experienced community manager, and she believes community must be nurtured, listened to, and respected if your goal is getting ahead of the competition. She explains how every community manager should ask the important questions, use adequate software, gather information about community members, and then forward that info to the marketing department in order to grow the business. Arielle talks about her personal history and explains how a simple family dinner helped her become who she is today as a community builder. She discusses how community is something you shouldn’t neglect since that’s the place where you harvest the best ideas.
June 9, 2021
A strong community is a key element of every successful business. However, building it is a complex and emotionally challenging process that requires a well-thought-out strategy. In today’s episode of the Companies & Communities podcast, David Spinks, the co-founder of CMX and VP of community at Bevy, joins our host Chantelle Marcelle to share some interesting insights from the field and discuss the difference between social media and community.
May 27, 2021
Building a community is not only about building it. It is about nurturing it, giving it love, and growing it like a garden. The goal of a valuable community is to thrive – but how do we know it is surrounded by a healthy environment in which it can actually thrive and grow? In this episode of Companies & Communities, Rosie Sherry, a Community Leader at Orbit and owner of Rosieland, discusses her experience with building communities online.
April 22, 2021
Want to hear a success story? Today, we’re talking about Wattpad, a global writing and reading platform with a catchy slogan that says it all. Wattpad – Where stories live. Our guest Emma Brooks, the Head of Marketing, is behind it. Emma and Chantelle talk about the importance of community and how authors on Wattpad leverage relationship-building to ensure greater success of their stories. They also discuss how success has a different meaning for everyone, and it comes in different forms. Some writers just want the possibility to share their stories, while others want to achieve bigger things. How does Wattpad manage to cater to both writers’ and readers’ needs? What’s the role of audience data in their marketing strategies? And how does Wattpad keep their platform safe? Tune in to the latest episode of the Companies and Community podcast to find out what Emma Brooks has to say.

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Chantelle Marcelle

Chantelle Marcelle is an experienced marketer who has worked with a variety of agencies and companies, primarily with a focus on technology. She has a passion for all things marketing, including community building, social media, content marketing, SEO, and analytics. She’s also a huge believer in developing a customer-centric mindset to fuel growth and success in all other areas. Currently Chantelle serves as the Head of Growth at PromoPrep. In her free time she loves creating digital art and biking. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter to get more insight on marketing or community. (You can also subscribe to her newsletter for more long-form content and early updates.)