Building a successful branded podcast: Conversations and growth with Philip Kushmaro

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, host Tristan Pelligrino chats with Philip Kushmaro, a digital marketing expert and co-host of the C-Suite and Sour podcast. They delve into the world of podcasting, discussing the importance of refining interview techniques, the evolution of their respective shows, and the value of learning from experience. Philip shares his thoughts on creating engaging, informative conversations that resonate with listeners.

The discussion explores the art of asking questions and how to guide a conversation based on curiosity. Philip details his interview approach, focusing on the guest’s content, and playing devil’s advocate to elicit deeper insights. He also emphasizes building a solid foundation by providing guests with softball questions before tackling more challenging topics.

Lastly, they touch on the importance of setting goals and aspirations for their podcasts, such as securing well-known guests and refining their techniques over time. Philip’s ultimate goal is to get thought leader Simon Sinek on his show, and he shares how he’s working to build the clout necessary to make that happen. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in podcasting and making a lasting impact on their audience.

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Experimenting with Podcast Formats

Philip Kushmaro and Tristan Pelligrino discuss the experimentation process in finding the best podcast format that suits their style and audience. They stress the importance of trial and error in discovering what works best for their show. This approach allows them to deliver valuable content and maintain audience engagement.

“We started off with a very traditional interview format, and then we kind of moved to more of a conversation format, which I think is working well for us.”

Importance of Research in Podcasting

The hosts emphasize the value of research when preparing for podcast episodes. Proper research allows them to ask informed questions and engage in richer conversations with their guests. It also helps avoid awkward situations and facilitates a smoother flow of the discussion.

“There are some episodes that could have been much better if we were to do a little bit more research beforehand.”.

Building Towards High-Profile Guests

ushmaro shares his aspirations to have high-profile guests on their podcast, like Simon Sinek. By consistently improving the quality of their show and building a larger audience, they hope to attract more prominent guests over time.

“Getting Simon Sinek on the podcast. And, uh, so that’s kind of what we’re trying to refine, trying to get that daisy chain going. So we have enough views and enough clout to go to, to, to finally go to Simon Sinek.”

Nurturing Curiosity in Interviews

Tristan Pelligrino introduces Philip Kushmaro to Andrew Warner’s book, “Stop Asking Questions,” which explores how to guide conversations based on curiosity. They discuss the importance of adapting interview techniques and refining one’s style to better engage guests and listeners.

Andrew Warner has a book called Stop Asking Questions. And it’s, and it’s not literally that, but it’s all about how you can guide a conversation based around curiosity.”