Changing your podcast’s theme: Why I decided to do it after 2 years featuring Nick Bennett

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Episode Summary

As a podcaster, consistency is important. But marketers get confused about what consistency means.

Consistency doesn’t mean each one of your podcast episodes has to be the same. You don’t always have to use the same format. You don’t always have to stick to the same structure.

And, sometimes, you don’t even have to keep the same theme in place forever.

In this episode, host Tristan Pelligrino welcomes Nick Bennett, the Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing at Alyce. 

Nick also is a host of one of the shows we own at Motion called Rep Your Brand.

After releasing over 45 episodes over the course of nearly two years, Nick is completely changing the theme of his show.

During this conversation, we uncover how Nick remained consistent throughout the last two years and why he decided it was time to change the theme of his podcast.

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Key Insights

Episode Highlights

Podcasting is a great way to level up professionally and personally

“It’s definitely become more crowded in the last year and a half or so, but it was something where I was like, ‘This could be cool. I would love to talk to other people that I look up to, and it’s like you’re picking their brain, you’re getting advice, and it’s free advice.’ And I feel like that’s a huge win for someone who is maybe not younger in their career or may be younger in their career but someone who wants to level up professionally and personally.”

The benefits of personal branding are endless

“I thought personal branding was just really sharing your thoughts — valuable thoughts — and if you could help one person a day, then you’re in a better spot than the day before. I didn’t know that it went way beyond that to the relationships that you build ultimately — brand partnerships to sponsorships to all these other aspects of it that play into it, and ultimately, selling digital products.”

Don’t play the vanity game

“Don’t play the vanity game because if you’re talking about customer marketing and evangelism and influencer marketing and things like that, you’re not going to get those 500+ or 1000+ likes and millions of comments. So, to be honest, I don’t even look at my impressions or any of that stuff anymore. I haven’t looked at that stuff in like a few months. And I was just like, ‘You know what, who cares? If I’m making a difference and I’m talking about what I want to talk about, that’s all that matters.’”

Practice makes perfect

“It’s just like anything [else]; repetition helps you be better at whatever craft you’re trying to do. And so, for me, it’s figuring out how to interview better, figuring out how to ask the questions that go deeper, that go a layer deeper. Because we’ve all been on the podcast where it’s just like ten scripted questions that they ask every single guest, but it doesn’t actually go deeper into who that person is or what they believe in and tailoring those conversations around them because I feel like those are the best types of podcasts — when you’re actually tailoring it to the guests so that whoever’s listening can be like, ‘Wow, I learned a lot.’ And for me, I didn’t know these things [before] going into it. But over time, between you and Justin and others, I’ve learned how to tailor my questions. I’ve learned how to go deeper on certain topics. I’ve learned how to reframe certain things so that it makes a better episode.”