Episode 235: Social Distancing Edition – Marketing for a World-class Development Team with Patrick Ward of Rootstrap

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown chats with the Director of Marketing at Rootstrap. Rootstrap is a company that builds apps from scratch, rescues existing products and provides additional development muscle for internal projects. Patrick talks about how the organization builds relationships with prospects and has a focus on both inbound and outbound strategies.

Episode Highlights

  • Patrick Ward shares his background within marketing and talks about what drew him to the opportunity at Rootstrap.
  • Patrick discusses the ideal customer profile of Rootstrap which mostly covers three different industries – e-commerce, e-learning and healthcare.
  • Rootstrap engages customers in two very specific ways: 1) Either they come to them with a product which needs to be built or 2) Staff augmentation.
  • The sales cycle for Rootstrap’s engagements can be three, six or even nine months to close, so it’s important to nurture prospects throughout the entire journey.
  • Rootstrap uses both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. 
  • Rootstrap’s podcast serves as a way to generate interest with prospective customers and helps establish thought leadership.
  • Once Rootstrap has determined a client has a problem which they can solve, it becomes more about education to help them convert.
  • It’s almost like marketing and sales is one in the same, in the b2b space. You really need to be a consultant.
  • If you genuinely provide the best solution for clients, even if it’s not yours, even if it’s recommending them to someone else, that’s going to get you a much better referral from the person and will build a long-term relationship. 
  • Marketing is a lot about building systems and this process allows Patrick to create initiatives that run themselves. He then focuses on analyzing what is working effectively.
  • What are some Patrick’s favorite resources to keep up with #b2btech marketing?       

Key Points

  1. Patrick urges marketers to enable products and services to continue to help other people – to keep the economy moving during the pandemic situation.
  2. If your marketing is focused on inbound, you’re less at risk to algorithm changes and other major platform changes.
  3. It’s helpful to listen to practitioners instead of just theorists. Taking lessons from practitioners is far more valuable than taking advice from theorists.
  4. It’s important for marketers to be mindful of all the other industries that are struggling and to try and help them.



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