Episode 269: Enabling Sales with Content Featuring Gaurav Harode of Enablix

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with Gaurav Harode, Founder of Enablix. During this interview, Gaurav talks about his past work experience in enterprise software and how he embarked upon his journey of creating Enablix – a company founded in 2017. Gaurav talks about the challenges sales professionals face with organizing and sharing the best content and pinpoints how technology can help them break through the noise.

Episode Highlights

  • Gaurav starts the conversation by sharing some background information about his fifteen years of working experience in financial services, selling risk, and compliance products.
  • He talks about his experience working at Oracle leading their go to market and product management strategy.
  • Enablix was founded in 2017 with the vision of making the process easier for B2B and product marketers, to manage content and help their sales team.
  • The ideal customer’s profile is a midsize or small organization that includes a salesforce of one hundred sales representatives or less.
  • The main challenge of many of Enablix’s customers is utilizing content throughout the entire sales process – once a campaign is done, or sales meeting is complete.
  • The primary driving force of Enablix is to allow marketers to scale their content and ensure that the content doesn’t get lost within the typical cloud storage platforms.
  • He talks about the sales process of Enablix and how, as a startup, he really focused on just getting feedback from prospective customers versus trying to close immediately.
  • He shares some of his highs and lows which he has encountered during his startup’s journey.
  • Enablix’s top priority is their prospect list and this ensures that all outreach is highly targeted and is within the ideal customer profile.
  • The organization uses blog content to educate prospects and to fuel engagement within emails and other outreach.
  • One of the biggest challenges many salespeople face is personalization because automation most often prevents highly personalized emails.
  • Gaurav talks about the challenge he faces with being consistent with outreach because he values a lot of personalization in his process.

Key Points

  • Enablix works with B2B  marketing teams and enables them to organize the content, as the content is the nerve center of the marketing and sales process.
  • Gaurav said that “There’s no automation tool that we’re using. We have a bunch of different email templates and ideas keep growing every week.”
  • One of the challenges which Gaurav faces is being able to be consistent about outreach while he folds in a lot of personalization and research with each prospect.



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