Episode 280: Competing with Giants Using Organic Content with Josh Blanton of Corevist

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown and Tristan Pelligrino chat with Josh Blanton, VP of Marketing at Corevist. This interview takes a deeper look into Josh’s past experience as a marketing consultant- where he worked with both startups and larger organizations like Cisco. Josh highlights some of the key demand generation activities at Corevist and discusses how the company competes with larger organizations by focusing on organic content for the enterprise.

Episode Highlights

  • Josh starts the conversation by sharing some insight into his background and how he enjoys the faster paced environment of a startup.
  • Josh introduces the audience to Corevist, which is a B2B commerce platform that directly integrates with a company’s ERP system – most notably SAP.
  • The company is helping its large enterprise clients move to online commerce and avoid archaic situations with fax orders, phone orders, etc.
  • Josh breaks down the company’s lead generation efforts which mostly stem from the development of organic content and paid ads (to organic content).
  • Corevist does not have BDRs or SDRs in place to sell to the enterprises – nearly 95% of leads come from inbound marketing efforts.
  • Josh breaks down the approach he took when arriving at Corevist, which was to initially identify what’s working and validate using real data.
  • At many tech companies, there are large investors in place and there’s access to a wide range of resources – at Corevist, Josh had to build something scalable without these types of resources.
  • A combination of SEO tools and techniques are used to drive Corevist’s organic traffic strategy – tools such as ahrefs are important to detecting what enterprise level prospects are searching for.
  • Identifying keywords and long-tail keywords with the right search intent have become an important part of the organic content strategy.
  • Generally, over the life cycle of a normal sales cycle, the company gets anywhere between 100 to 200 different clicks on thought leadership content through different channels.
  • Josh heavily relies on SEO and Backlinko for B2B marketing.

Key Points

  • Corevist has built its lead generation efforts mostly on organic content – “95% of new business comes through, organic, which is a bit unusual.”
  • During a long sales cycle, Josh mentions that the company often sees between 100 – 200 clicks on thought leadership content.
  • Josh is an avid reader and recently he and his team read the Challenger Sale. After reading he concluded that it’s less sometimes about the product and more about your interaction with the buyer and in a 9 to 18-month sales cycle, there are lots of interactions, calls and sometimes it’s hard to know which ones are more important than others.



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