Episode 298: Content That Solves Pain Points with Juliana Pereira of Flow

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Account-based marketing isn’t a buzzword Juliana Pereira can get behind.

“I actually call it marketing because I think that’s the only type of marketing you should be doing,” says Julianna, Vice President of Marketing for Flow, which provides software to help brands and retailers build a cross-border e-commerce business.

In pre-pandemic times, Juliana invested carefully in getting the right people to Flow’s events. Of course, in-person events are no longer possible given the current state of the world, but she’s still keeping the focus on people and relationships. Instead of bringing crowds together in physical spaces, Juliana has put emphasis on webinars. In this episode, she also describes how she’s getting Flow’s well-connected investors to help her scale relationship-building with important partners. 

Juliana is also all about finding creative ways to get the message across. She’s published assorted content formats to keep Flow top of mind for potential customers —  including a calendar with specially commissioned cartoons that was sent as a 2020 gift. The cartoons speak to prospects’ familiar e-commerce pain points. Before they were used to illustrate the calendar, the cartoons were featured on Flow’s blog. 

Plus, Juliana uses the cartoons in prospecting emails, which have gotten some good responses from prospects who identify with the pain points and want to talk further.

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“We are shifting some of our investment as well into BDRs or SDRs … building out this process within our sales operations to then feed those accounts we all agree on to the SDRs. We get that response from a target company. Then at that point, we do a very light qualification to make sure that they meet certain criteria. We actually have a point system against that, so if [a lead] gets over 50 points — actually I think we raised it now to 100 points because we added some criteria to that — then that goes over to the sales team. And then that’s where it really starts. We try and get our leads over to the sales team pretty early on…”
“There’s a lot of content out there that’s kind of lightweight. It’s sort of like, here’s what we do. And here’s what we solve for. It talks a lot about the company or it talks about topics that are completely related to the solution they can bring. And that’s important. I have plenty of content like that. But now we’re really starting to think more about content that’s leaning forward — really thinking about topics that are the future of retail in terms of the current climate and what’s going on right now. And also providing strategies that fall out of our wheelhouse a little bit.”
“I don’t even think of [marketing] as building one machine because marketing just changes so much in the way people respond to messaging, and the channels they use change all the time. Marketing is really a testing ground and anyone who comes to me and says they have a silver bullet … There is no silver bullet, and sometimes you have to pull different levers on different channels at different times. ”
“We’ve also been really investing in relationships. I know this sounds non-scalable, but there’s actually some scalable ways that you can do this. We are very fortunate that we are post-Series B. We have a lot of really strong investors. … most of them are companies that have relationships with online retailers or they’ve been in the retail space. They can introduce us to very high-level senior folks at these companies. And while, it seems very obvious that investors should be doing that with their companies … we’re competing against a lot of different investments that they have … it’s a matter of the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We’ve been gamifying it and doing a little bit of a scoreboard and telling the investors, Hey, investor A over here is making more intros than you like, let’s step it up!”

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