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From idea to greenlight: A step-by-step guide to developing a podcast business plan with Justin Brown

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Episode Summary

Starting a podcast is no easy feat and creating a great show is even tougher says Justin Brown Co-Founder of Motion and host of this episode of Recorded Content He explains that the key to starting a successful podcast is having a plan in place for leadership

But where do you even begin with planning a podcast Format host topics design equipment episode frequency distribution KPIs its a lot to think about

Thats why we created a 3000-word blog post an editable PDF workbook and this specific podcast episode to break it all down In this solo episode Justin covers why a podcast business plan is essential and what key components it should include Plus Justin shares the metrics you need to keep an eye on to measure the impact of your podcast once you get going

Guest Profile

Name: Justin Brown

What he does: Hes the co-founder of Motion

Company: Motion

Noteworthy: Justin is also the co-host of the Recorded Content podcast

Key Insights

  • Creating a podcast seems straightforward But once you begin youll find that it gets more complicated as you go deeper Keeping that in mind when he is on a sales call with a prospect the first thing Justin says is that podcasting is hard The reason I have that is that there are a lot of moving parts in a lot of aspects of podcasting Where will your podcast be hosted How will you develop the content that comes out of it What is going to be your frequency Whats the name of the show Hows it going to be designed Whats the theme of the show Who are your guests Those are just a handful of questions that could be asked in that meeting with leadership
  • Prior to launching a podcast define two things who you are creating it for and your podcasts purposeobjective The target audience is who the show is for and your content strategy is how the show is going to help them
  • Where and how will you distribute the podcast The great thing is your show can be available on every digital channel you use from your website to social media A podcast is more than just an audio channel Your companys podcast is much more than an mp3 file distributed on Spotify or Apple Podcasts In addition you can use each episode to create written audio and video pieces of different lengths The show can be a centerpiece for your companys entire content marketing especially if you produce a video podcast

Episode Highlights


If youre using an agency they may be the ones who are going to help you with that strategy When someone works with us Motion we create a 25-page document outlining everything from the theme to the guest profile to the audience to show structure

We help our customers create designs from cover art to video storyboards to standalone quote cards But its not usually enough for a marketer to go to their boss and say Dont worry about it Its going to be handled by Motion

Youre going to have to define those things on your own Youre going to have to define those things most likely in advance if youre going to want leadership to approve your podcast


Understand your objectives for how youre going to create content thats focused relevant and engaging for your target audience Itll also help you get started on solid ground with that management team

Once youve identified the goals and objectives of your podcast the next step is to define your target audience The next piece is developing your content strategy One of the keys to a successful podcast is a strong content strategy

Youre also going to want to outline your distribution plan when you produce a podcast business plan Its important to discuss how the podcast will get distributed to your ideal audience Youll want to identify your budget and resources


You can measure the impact of your podcast with a basic list of KPIs such as subscribers followers downloads website traffic social engagement reviews mentions andor revenue These metrics can give you a sense of the reach and impact of your podcast on your target audience


Ready to get that podcast started Schedule a call with us and well get it going

Most B2B marketing heads at tech companies want to start a podcast but dont have time resulting in lost demand and brand awareness At Motion we help B2B marketing professionals launch their podcasts so they can publish more high-quality content consistently develop new relationships within their industry and get their team excited about marketing again

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