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How a podcast can help you grow as a marketer with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

A podcast is a great way to build relationships. You get a chance to have conversations with leaders in your industry. And with customers. You work with other people in your company to put it all together. It’s a very unique and collaborative process.

But this is difficult to understand if you haven’t launched and built a podcast before. It’s hard to see the benefits of the process if you haven’t gone through the process yourself.

So in this episode, Tristan Pelligrino (podcaster & Co-founder of Motion) shares his experience with podcasting.

Guest Profile

Name: Tristan Pelligrino

What he does: Tristan is the Co-Founder of Motion and leads the creative execution for all of the shows produced by the company.

Company: Motion

Key Insights

  • We are here to grow together. What distinguishes the podcast space from other communities is the high level of collaboration between podcast creators. Even those who cover the same topic don’t perceive each other as competition. Instead, they look to learn from each other and for new and better ways to provide value to their audience.
  • Those who speak to a specific audience are more successful. When starting a podcast, many hosts put a lot of effort into attracting as many people as possible. But when you try to be a one-size-fits-all podcast, you risk losing listeners over time. Further, podcasts are ideal marketing tools that companies could use to expand their customer base. So it is better to concentrate on providing content that resonates with your ICP instead of just creating one episode after another and chasing quantity at the expense of quality.
  • A podcast is more than an audio format. The great thing about podcasts is that you can use them to create distinct content pieces and distribute them across various digital channels. That’s why, as Tristan says, they often refer to a podcast as a show because video and written content are integral parts of it.

Episode Highlights

Tristan’s Podcast Before Recorded Content

I developed a podcast for an organization. It was probably 10-12 years ago. And basically what we did was film these keynote speeches that were given by project managers every month in front of an audience of maybe 300 people. So it had a live event component.

And then we would repurpose that into a podcast where you had an intro and outro and set it up in the audio format, but it started on the video side. So that was my first venture on the podcasting side, but I was leaning more towards the video content piece.

From Video Production to Podcasting

I sold my previous agency to my former business partner and started Motion almost five years ago. And we just felt that this combination of video and podcasting hadn’t been done before by an agency like ours.

That’s where we evolved. So we almost backed into podcasting versus some people who start with the podcast and add video later. We were all video and then we backed into the audio side.

The Podcast Community is By Its Nature Supportive

It is unique in the way that everyone is so collaborative. I came up in the video production industry and I would say that there are a lot of similarities there because on the video production side, it takes a village to put a video together.

You need directors, producers, cinematographers, you have editors, motion graphic designers, etc. So if you’re not able to work with other people, it’s really hard to get to the finish line. And I feel like podcasting has a lot of that as well.

It’s not as dynamic with all the video components and things layered on if you have a true podcast, but there’s still this collaborative nature that’s involved. And that is one of the things I do like about podcasting.

The competition isn’t necessarily there even if you have a show that’s closely aligned to yours and it has a similar audience. Rather than feeling like a competitor, it’s almost like, “Hey, how can we work together and maybe help our audience in different ways?”

Introducing a Strategic Action Plan

This is a document that serves as a blueprint for every show we produce. We’ve added sections. We’ve adjusted how things are presented and modified what’s included over the years. Every change we make is to help the overall communication on the next show we launch.

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