How a web developer grew into a podcaster with Marisa Eikenberry


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Podcasting is hard. It’s more than just sitting in front of the microphone and having a casual conversation with your guests.

But if you have the right tools and put the right systems in place, podcasting can become much easier, and you’ll get better results. 

In this episode of the Recorded Content podcast, our host Justin Brown welcomes Marisa Eikenberry, the web developer and podcast editor for The Kevin Eikenberry Group. They chat about how podcasting works, what are the best podcasting tools, and why you don’t have to be a subject matter expert to be a podcast host.

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Headliner vs. Adobe Premiere

I’ve messed with Headliner a little bit before, and I think it’s a really great program for people who don’t have access to things like Premiere, but because I already have access to Premiere, it just made it easy to kind of keep everything together. For the most part, when we do clips, I do video-only clips. I’ve been thinking about experimenting with both those Headliner type audio clips as well as video ones just to see if it changes anything. But, for the most part, everything’s done inside Premiere.”

Task blocking is a great time management strategy

“I’m a big fan of task blocking. I know some people call it time blocking. I’m a bit more task-oriented, so that’s probably why I call it something slightly different. But I learned about it from Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work. And, essentially, there’s this premise that at 10:00 a.m., every Monday, I’m editing The Remarkable Leadership Podcast and on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m., I’m going to edit The Long-Distance Worklife.”

Captioning your podcast clips is more important than ever

“From there, I click a button, and I have captions instantly, and then I can take those captions. And now, the clips that I’m going to put out will have captions underneath them; so, when people listen to them silently, there’s no problem. They know exactly what’s being said, which is something I’ve been a big proponent of for the last couple of weeks because I know so many people watch their social media on silent or with low volume. And, it’s a way for them to still get that content without necessarily hearing it.”

The importance of connecting with other experts in your niche

“I know that you and I connected — I believe in March or April, it hasn’t been too long, but it’s definitely been within that time frame — and that’s been really fun. I know that I’ve connected with a lot of other people in the podcasting community, I’ve connected with a lot of people in the remote work community — and just seeing all the learning from those different people has been really incredible. And not that followers and numbers are super important, but it’s been kind of exciting to me to see that number grow even in the short time that I’ve been on LinkedIn because it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I know something. What I know is worth sharing.'”