How podcasting can position you as a leader in your space with Justin Brown

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Podcasts have become a key part of marketing strategies and are a proven way to connect with a specific target audience. But, a podcast is more than just an item on your content checklist. It’s also a valuable learning resource both podcast hosts and their listeners can benefit from.

Therefore, if you are thinking about entering the exciting podcast space, don’t hesitate to invite people that you can learn from as a host. Yes, you should provide value to your audience and give them content that will make them come and stay, ultimately converting your listeners into customers. However, you should also use your podcast to grow as an individual and enrich your very own skills.

In today’s episode of Recorded Content, Justin Brown revisits a couple of previous episodes where his guests were Jen Kern of Qu, Christina Brady of Sales Assembly, and Josh DeTar of Tyfone. The three are also podcast hosts aspiring podcasters can use for inspiration.

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Podcast Has Been My Lifeline in the Pandemic

”Podcasting was my lifeline professionally and personally. It became the only strategy at a time when it was frowned upon to be doing outbound sales and marketing,” says Jen Kern.

After the Podcast, I’m Both Wired and Exhausted

”My wife can tell if I have done a podcast. I’m so hyped up from the energy of this cool long-form conversation, where we get an opportunity to dive deep into topics, and my brain’s fried because I’ve been trying to digest and absorb it,” explains Josh DeTar.

The Blessing of Having a Supportive Mentor

”A lot of women at Glassdoor that I looked up to during my time there helped shape me into who I am and how I view things. I would not be in a position to do the job that I do without the mentorship and sponsorship of women like Stephanie Jenkins or Kate Hollering,” says Christina Brady.