How to create shareable social videos with Descript

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Episode Summary

Descript is a very unique platform that allows you to record, transcribe, edit, and mix your audio and video files. On top of that, it has everything you need to create a podcast from scratch. 

But innovation never stops at Descript. Their latest update or Season 2 (as they refer to it) comes with a lot of exciting features and more possibilities for customization.

In this episode of Recorded Content, our host Tristan Pelligrino welcomes Harmony Jiroudek and Kevin O’Connell. Harmony is the Customer Success Manager, and Kevin is a Product Specialist at Descript. They talk about the newest features that we can expect from Descript’s Season 2 update.

Guest Profile

Key Insights

“It’s really nice to see how people are supporting each other and educating themselves collaboratively.”

Harmony Jiroudek

Customer Success Manager


Episode Highlights

The Descript community is collaborative and supportive

Kevin explains, “I love searching through our Discord and seeing the interaction that’s happening and how folks in the Descript community are supporting one another — whether it’s looking for an editor or a consultant to help work on a piece, or someone with a sticky point in their workflow asking an open-ended question, or sharing how they’re doing a certain thing and getting all these different perspectives and ideas on how they can accomplish what they’re doing. It creates a great dialogue for folks that are all trying to do the same thing. They’re trying to make something cool that they care about. And it’s awesome to see people show each other how they are doing it.”

Project ownership on Descript

Harmony explains how much easier it is to transfer project ownership on Descript now. “Let’s say I’m offboarding from a company, I had an editor seat on my team drive, and I managed 20, 30 projects. Now I need to transfer that project ownership. Before, there wasn’t a way to do that. Now, I can go into those projects. I can transfer ownership to Kevin so that he can run with these projects and bring them to the finish line. So now there’s this more efficient way of offboarding from project to project, if needed.”

New features are focused on improving user experience

Kevin explains, “With the most recent release a couple of days ago, we’re focusing on some smaller fixes that are going to just improve quality of life. So you may or may not notice them, but they will help your experience. […] Going back to our social video components, there’s a bunch of aspects of our video editing that are going to improve quality of life — cropping videos, rotating clips, and a bunch of other features that are going to improve that workflow.”