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How to host a podcast outside of your area of expertise with James Furbush

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Episode Summary

Without a doubt podcasts can help your technology company create an entire marketing flywheel Companies use their shows to explore industry trends build trust with their audience and connect their product to customers

But the real power of podcasting lies in the fact that it allows hosts to develop a strong personal brand irrespective of your podcasts topic or industry

In this episode of the Recorded Content podcast our host Justin Brown welcomes James Furbush the VP of Marketing at AccessOne and the host of the Modern Patient Experience Podcast They talk about the benefits of podcasting why its worth your time and resources and how to fight the imposter syndrome while interviewing subject-matter experts

Guest Profile

Name: James Furbush

What he does: Hes the VP of Marketing at AccessOne

Company: AccessOne

Noteworthy: James is the host of the Modern Patient Experience Podcast where he interviews executives from hospitals health systems and provider groups to equip healthcare leaders with new ideas and tactical advice

Key Insights

  • Podcasting is an excellent medium for personal branding As the host of a company-focused podcast James contributes significantly to his companys brand and reputation But being a podcaster is also incredibly valuable to his personal brand He explains I actually use the podcast in some ways to sort of challenge myself as to what Im capable of And I think it does very much feed into my personal brand maybe not so much outwardly on LinkedIn but if I decide to go to another company and bring those skills thats all part of my personal brand Having that podcast having the ability to say that Ive run a podcast and Ive done all of this stuff I think is very valuable for my brand if I bring that to another company
  • Is podcasting still worth it Podcasting has become one of the most powerful marketing tools especially since the COVID outbreak But it takes a lot of time and preparation Thats why many marketers have doubts about launching a podcast for their company James believes podcasting is absolutely worth the time and effort I think seeing the reaction to it has proven what I thought Even though were not going to have this massive audience and be in the top 1 of downloads and yada yada it could still bring value to our kind of revenue engine and the sales and marketing process from a marketing content and sales cycle standpoint So for me its absolutely worth it when you weigh it against all the things that it helps with in a company
  • A podcast is the engine that can drive immense business growth Not everyone will be on board with your marketing ideas but thats a part of the process What matters is that you believe in your tactics and eventually everyone else will too James says he always knew that podcasting is the engine that will drive their ship to the promised land Once they started to see the quality of guests that we were getting and things like that at some point it was like you cant stop Even if I wanted to I couldnt stop now So when you feel I dont even know if this is worth doing but Im going to go out and take a leap of faith and then you see it sort of work and other people within the company buy into it once theyve seen the value that is a really good feeling

Episode Highlights

The Art of Open-Ended Questions in Podcasting

I have learned the fine art of the open-ended question Its more important to get my guest to talk than it is for me I think that when I run the podcast its almost like I want to be invisible in some ways I think a lot of it is my journalism background that training in doing a lot of the upfront preparation Compiling all of that organizing it and creating a dossier so that if the interview does deviate from the script and sort of where we think were initially going to take it Im well-prepared to lob out good follow-up questions and good open-ended questions

How to Fight the Imposter Syndrome as a Podcast Host

I think the other thing about journalism is you build connections with people and you learn how to make small talk build rapport and get people to open up to you You develop sources and you get people who in some ways want to talk to you and share information I bring them over and you realize that yes they are the CEO of a large health system or whatever but they put their pants on one leg at a time just like us They have interests outside of work and you build a connection over whatever it may be They like soccer or football or they like to go for runs and you kind of build that relationship And eventually that imposter syndrome of I cant believe I have no business being in the same room as these people disappears

Do You Have to Be a Subject-Matter Expert to Host a Podcast

I think my background gave me the confidence to be able to say Maybe Im not as qualified as a subject-matter expert like my CEO or someone else but I can still do 80 And maybe that 80 is good enough I would encourage anyone whos thinking about starting a podcast to seriously weigh those two things because then if you have the subject-matter expert maybe youre only doing one podcast a month Is that frequency enough

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