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How to use a podcast to demonstrate your company’s expertise with John Tyreman

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Episode Summary

Over the last couple of years podcasts have become an indispensable marketing tool They are practically a gold mine of content that allows you to reach new audiences drive engagement to your website and provide a ton of value

But podcasting requires a bit more involvement than just speaking into the microphone It takes research strategic effort and some technical expertise to get your podcast on the right track

In the latest episode of Recorded Content Tristan welcomes John Tyreman podcast expert and host of the Digital Marketing Troop podcast They get into the technical side of podcasting how to ensure that youre consistently putting out quality content and why a podcast is a great way to highlight the experts within your organization

Guest Profile

Name: John Tyreman

What he does: John is the host of the Digital Marketing Troop podcast and the Director of Marketing at Silverback Strategies

Company: Silverback Strategies

Noteworthy: Digital Marketing Troop is not Johns first experience with hosting a podcast He was also a co-host of The Visible Expert Podcast at his previous agency

Key Insights

  • Audiograms are a great way to create buzz around your podcast on social media John explains why distribution is a critical part of podcasting and how you can get the word out by posting audiograms on social media These little pieces of content can pique your audiences interest and get them excited An audiogram is simply a video with captions and a wavelength visual We take about one- to two-minute clips and we put those videos out on social media And so people saw it they saw its a little bit more tangible and digestible and they started seeing the buzz
  • Podcasting is easier and faster to do than blogging John explains why their podcast has become the centerpiece of their marketing strategy Not only is it easier to make but its also a rich source of quality content that they can repurpose into other types of content over and over again Its easier for our internal experts to come on and record a 20-minute podcast than it is to write a blog post and spend four or five hours doing that So the podcast has become the hub in a hub-and-spoke flywheel approach
  • Theres more to podcasting than just hosting from market research and content distribution to finding guests and creating buzz around it John reflects on the most challenging part of podcasting for him the technical details As anybody who launches a podcast knows getting reviewed by Apple is the biggest hurdle So that was the biggest hurdle for us the technical side of getting set up on all of those different platforms because that review process takes so long And then there were other technical problems like Apple couldnt read our RSS feed and so we had to troubleshoot all that stuff

Episode Highlights


Were a digital marketing agency and we specialize in search social content and analytics which are some pretty technical services for marketers Were in the business of selling expertise

Based on everything that I learned about visible experts and selling expertise I realised that what we needed to do was to make the expertise of the experts visible

The first year at Silverback we went through different ideas on how we can take our internal subject matter experts bottle up their expertise and package it in a way thats digestible to our target audience

And what we found was that its easier to record a 20-minute podcast episode than it is to spend four to five hours writing a blog post


When we first started out we were testing out a few different concepts So one of them and this is one that didnt really work out was to have two experts that had opposing viewpoints and we wanted to make it more like a debate

And what happened was that we just had fun with it We got people together and we just recorded conversations

And its naturally sort of gravitated to talking about a specific topic in the digital marketing world So if were talking about SEO one episode may be about keyword research while another episode may be about Googles Core Web Vitals


Really getting it off the ground and then getting internal buzz around it thats one of the biggest things when it comes to podcasting When you launch a podcast its great to get that first episode out but then youve got to get people listening to it

And then if you get folks excited about it then more and more people are likely to say Hey you know what Ill be on the podcast And then it starts to snowball


We wanted to have a weekly podcast and starting out thats fairly aggressive And Im finding that interviews for a weekly show can be hard

And so having all our internal experts willing to jump on a Zoom has been really instrumental to helping us hit that weekly cadence And over the past couple of months the number one reason weve been able to see the show take off is that weve been able to deliver on a weekly basis


If you are reliant on subject-matter experts to create content whether its a blog post or a podcast the process is remarkably different based on the personality and skill sets of the expert

So every one of our guests on the show prepares differently for the podcast Some folks want the questions ahead of time Some folks are like Hey cool Give me a rough outline and thats okay

With some folks Ill give them the questions and then theyll go in and write detailed notes which is great because then it gives me fuel for follow-up questions


Im in a unique position marketing to other marketers And so to some extent I fit the profile of our target audience

So these podcast episodes where I interview these subject-matter experts Im trying to learn more about marketing and digital marketing so that I can be a better marketer

And I think thats the biggest benefit for me I take away these nuggets about SEO paid media content strategy and then I can go and implement some of these things These experts are helping clients generate leads and new revenue

So I know that theyve got the skills and if I can just tap into them a little bit I can then apply those skills And Im curious enough to learn more about it If I find value from the podcast I know that our listeners and other marketers are going to find value from it

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