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How to use research to get better podcast appearances with Trent Anderson

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Episode Summary

Podcasts have become incredibly popular in the past few years And they are a fantastic medium to connect with your audience strengthen your brand and be your true authentic self

But simply putting your podcast out there can only get you so far If you want to take your podcast to another level you need to take extra steps to find your target audience

In this episode of the Recorded Content our host Tristan Pelligrino welcomes Trent Anderson the Head of Revenue Operations at Podchaser They chat about why community-embedded growth is the future of B2B podcasting audience discovery and the benefits of being a podcast guest

Guest Profile

Name: Trent Anderson

What he does: He’s the Head of Revenue Operations at Podchaser

Company: Podchaser

Noteworthy: Podchaser provides the world’s most comprehensive podcast database The company powers podcast discovery for listeners creators and brands

Key Insights

  • Community-embedded growth is the next wave of B2B podcasting The key to a successful podcast is putting your audiences interests first Focus on their needs instead of yours Trent talks about community-embedded growth I think a lot of podcasts would do infinitely better if marketers brands et cetera started building an audience and then community and ultimately if the content is resonant youre going to find your tribe And thats where I think this community-embedded growth comes in because it is just word of mouth
  • How do listeners discover podcasts Just because your podcast is on Spotify it doesnt mean your target audience will find you that easily You have to put in some extra work to discover your target listenership Trent talks about audience discovery How do you get discovered on Spotify Somebody puts in your name and then puts in podcast So okay how are they going to hear about your name to begin with Well we could talk about social distribution there or we can talk about maybe a guest appearance on another podcast that they had heard and thats how they found you
  • Being a podcast guest has numerous benefits There are tremendous benefits of being a podcast guest from increasing your brands exposure to amplifying your content Trent explains Its such a compound positive tactic So you appear on a podcast like Im doing right now I know that youve got amazing production value Youre going to distribute this across social Youre going to distribute it across your own podcasts Its probably going to live on five or six different channels And now this is allowing me to tap into your known audience and I can probably extract five to ten videos out of this so I can cut them up I can use those videos to distribute across my social channels I can use the transcript to write social copy newsletter copy and blog copy So one appearance one 30-minute conversation turns into 20 30 maybe even 50 pieces of content depending on how micro you want to get with it

Episode Highlights


Listenership is so much more important and returning listeners are so much more important And then getting the high intensity signals through the distribution channels is infinitely more important than a pure download number And what I always like to say is I have Spotify on my phone I have Apple on my phone and I have SoundCloud I use Spotify almost exclusively but I have 50 shows on Apple that are automatically downloaded Now I never listen to them


A lot of people will stick with what they know So if youre selling a CRM what people usually do is Lets find shows that talk about CRMs Thats great There are probably dozens if not up to a thousand shows that are purely focused on CRMs Thats the first layer and you have so many more opportunities outside of that And this is what Im trying to evangelize to all of our customers and to our prospects as well Who uses a CRM system Salespeople


A huge question is always Well just because someone follows you on Twitter does that mean theyre going to be a listener of your podcast By itself in a vacuum maybe maybe not but when you aggregate it across the entire audience pool across all of the shows or all the channels that is where we are more directionally accurate about that Whats really cool to see is that when you zoom out from a macro lens you can start to see things like what shows are popular with fans of the Tesla brand who are aged 25 to 34 who have a household income of 70 grand or above and who live in New York San Francisco and Chicago If thats important to you you can surface those insights to Podchaser and thats going to give you a much better sense of whether this is a good show for me to be a part of or for me to get my point of view across


We talked a lot about how Im fighting the fight against downloads being the North Star metric for the industry Well what am I replacing it with Im replacing it with the power score metric which is our proprietary piece of data that comprises 30 different data points Its taking into account popularity and listenership of course cause thats really important but its also taking into account engagement Its taking into account reviews its taking into account the social elements that we talked about as being super important for a distribution So the power score number really should serve as the North Star

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