How to use your podcast to drive your company’s content strategy with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

A podcast is more than an audio channel. And a branded podcast can unlock a ton of opportunities for your company.

But, it’s not just about the different content formats you can create. Yes, it’s great to get to record a video podcast and then build out video, audio, and written content. However, when you think about your podcast as a “show”… you start to move away from the mindset that a podcast is an audio format.

And if you set up your podcast the right way from the beginning, you get away from one-off content projects and shift more towards a connected strategy…all designed to help your audience.

In this [slightly different] episode of Recorded Content, our host, Tristan Pelligrino, reviews a few previous episodes, creating a brief guide on how to integrate a podcast into your overall marketing strategy. In addition, we get to hear what Zach Moreno, Mike Wolber, and Jacob Miller said on this topic while appearing as guests on Recorded Content.

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Audiences Perceive a Podcast as a Show

”Edison research is responsible for releasing the Infinite Dial Report, which has a lot of interesting data based on polls that they conduct with both creators and consumers of audio content.

And they interviewed a bunch of listeners to podcasts and found that audience members really think of it, not as a podcast, but as a Show (show with a capital ‘S’), and an audio podcast is a big part of that show. But the video of that conversation is another way that an audience member may choose to engage with it,” says Zach Moreno.

A Podcast Allows You to Build Meaningful Relationships With Potential Customers

”I realize that most people are up for joining a podcast, even if they don’t work with you. And if I’m a brand, especially in the early days, trying to find a product-market fit or the nuance and area of focus, it’s a great way to talk with potential customers in a way that’s going to help them amplify their career or their brand. It’s definitely going to amplify yours,” says Mike Wolber.

A Podcast Can Drive Your Overall Marketing Strategy; It All Comes Down to Collaboration

”We now actually have a full marketing team where it was mostly just me before, for about a year or two. And then slowly, folks started getting added to the marketing team for us to help it grow.

Now, we are cross-functional, collaborating with our product strategists that do client work, and they’re starting to help us reconfigure our messaging. They’re helping us with customer research. We’re interviewing founders and all that kind of stuff,” says Jacob Miller.