How’s On Camera On Brand Coming Along So Far with Rob Ruscher

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, Tristan Pelligrino of Motion chats with Rob Ruscher, host of On Camera On Brand. The conversation dives into the world of podcasting, focusing on the unique challenges and rewards of creating engaging content.

Ruscher shares his experiences with different episode formats, including makeover episodes, interviews, and solo episodes. He discusses the importance of strategic planning, the value of visual elements, and the power of authenticity in reaching out to potential guests.

The episode wraps up with Ruscher’s insights on using podcasting as a tool for business growth. He also touches on his plans to create premium courses based on audience feedback. Tune in to learn more about the art and strategy of podcasting from a seasoned host.

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Visual Podcasting: A Challenge and an Opportunity

In this part of the conversation, Tristan Pelligrino and Rob Ruscher discuss the unique challenges of creating a podcast with a strong visual component. They ponder whether the visual transformations they discuss will translate into engaging audio content. Ruscher shares his approach to ensuring that even listeners can learn something from the podcast. 

“What I found for me was like, I just wanna take something away, even if it’s just that one nugget to try that I can do today. So yeah, sometimes the episodes, there’s a lot there, and you probably would get more watching it, but I do my best to make sure there’s like a few Easter eggs in there that if you’re listening to it, you could go try that right now before your next call.”

Guest Outreach: The Art of Packaging and Authenticity

Ruscher shares his strategy for reaching out to potential guests. He emphasizes the importance of packaging and authenticity in his outreach efforts. He discusses how he used the branding elements from the podcast to create a professional and appealing invitation for potential guests.

“All I had is design work and, you know, some video messages I sent.”

Authenticity in Outreach: The Key to Attracting the Right Guests

In this part of the discussion, Ruscher shares his approach to reaching out to potential guests. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity, personalization, and having a clear idea for the guest’s specific episode. Pelligrino agrees, adding that demonstrating the visual framework of the episode can help potential guests understand the value of participating.

“I would probably just send out a casual message. I mean, it’s authentic. It’s just kind of how I am. And I would just say, Hey Tristan, like I heard, you know, I’ve listened to this episode, this specific episode, and I learned this specific thing.”

The Future of On Camera On Brand: Premium Courses and Newsletters

Ruscher shares his plans for the future of his podcast, including the creation of premium courses based on audience feedback and the introduction of newsletters. He discusses how the podcast has helped him identify what his audience wants to learn more about.

“I think the newsletters probably will start layering that in. I think since I have video clips, headlines, there’s a lot of fun stuff you could throw in there. And then also start building out some premium courses — just from seeing what people wanna learn more — and things that might take a little more time.”