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Episode Summary

Today practically everyone has at least one social media account if not several We share every detail of our lives both personal and professional on social media Employees share information like company milestones details of what they are working on and other forms of company information According to Statista 919 of marketers in major companies are expected to use social media as part of their jobs in 2021

But companies arent getting as much as they can from the information shared out of their podcast Usually the host posts the link to a new episode when it goes live and the companys social channels broadcast it But what about all the employees One of the biggest marketing opportunities for companies is to involve their employees in the distribution of their podcast

According to Tristan Pelligrino Co-Founder of Motion its not that employees dont want to share content they just dont know how In this episode of Recorded Content Tristan and his Co-Founder Justin Brown discuss some ideas on how you can get your employees to create powerful and organic content related to the companys podcast

Guest Profile

Name: Tristan Pelligrino

What he does: Tristan is the Co-Founder of Motion and leads the creative execution for all of the shows produced by the company

Company: Motion

Key Insights

  • Embrace distribution from your employees Rather than relying on the brands social media to share podcasts companies should take advantage of their employees expertise and encourage them to share and create organic content Tristan believes that while you get significant assets from a podcast the best content is created organically when your employees share the podcast with their social media circles We all know and we all hear that people buy from people So why dont you create content from the different people in your organization That adds a layer of their perspectives and their own past experiences to just enrich the content that you get out of a podcast he says
  • Many employees arent sure about how to share content on social Employees generally dont share podcast content because they dont know how Its up to you to provide some guidance and encouragement to your employees Tristan argues that its not that employees dont want to share its that they arent sure how to go about it and are worried about making a mistake that hurts the company A lot of employees are just frozen they dont know what to do They dont have anything to start with Theyre looking at a blank page Where do I start How do I build a post around some content that my company is creating How do I tie this to my customers and make it relevant to them he says If youre able to provide your employees with an example or a framework it will prevent that inaction
  • Allow employees to be themselves The key to employees organically creating content related to the podcast is to be genuine in their posts Tristan says that once employees have those frameworks for sharing podcast content on their social media they just need to be authentic If you can pinpoint things that are interesting to you within a podcast episode and talk about that and write about that chances are that your audience will also find those things interesting he says

Episode Highlights

Share information about your podcast episodes earlier

Share information about your upcoming podcast interview before you even hit record to generate engagement with listeners Share the summary of a podcast episode before you bring on the guests If you know youre having a guest on your show and youve prepared as a team why dont you share what youre trying to get out of the interview beforehand Then if you assemble a post out of those ideas you can create engagement by asking your audience what other questions they would like to ask your guests

This is almost a precursor to the episode itself and youre creating this sense of community with the folks on your LinkedIn network or Twitter Theyre almost becoming a part of your show

Identify your biggest takeaways

Rather than just sharing the summary of the episode employees can also include their biggest takeaway or what surprised them the most which is probably different for each person in your company

If you listen to a 30- to 45-minute podcast episode theres probably one big thing that you were able to take away as a listener and that might be different from someone else

But if you can write that up put that into a LinkedIn post and then perhaps couple that with an asset like a video or an image to reinforce the big takeaway that you had that is a really good way to share a podcast episode

I view a big surprise as something that may have changed your mind or you went into the episode expecting one thing and the guest or the host or some interaction during the conversation changed your mind or brought something new to the surface So those are unique things that you can share in the form of a LinkedIn post or on any other social media platform

Share your favorite quotes from the conversation

We hear a lot that as a copywriter or a marketer you want to try and use the language that your customers use so that you can appear to be on the same page as folks I think a podcast episode is a great opportunity to do that A lot of branded podcasts bring on industry influencers prospects customers and these people are using language that you can then use in your content So you can take a quote that might be something that you learned or that might just be a perspective on the industry and then you can provide your perspective on that outlook

Encourage employees to tie in their own personal experiences

For the most unique and compelling content ask your employees to share a personal experience related to something discussed in the podcast episode

This is a big opportunity for companies Lets say you pull out a trend that was discussed in a podcast episode or perhaps you use a quote from the guest or the host during a podcast episode Then add a layer of your own experience to that before you share the post

If you have 10 employees that add their own unique story to that podcast summary and theyre providing their own layer of experiences to reinforce this idea you have 10 completely unique posts that are now getting shared on LinkedIn or Twitter or anywhere your employees are living or having conversations online

Youre exponentially increasing not only the podcast episode content but also the value thats contained all within your organization

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