My 3 favorite highlights from podcasting in 2022 with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, Tristan Pelligrino, the Co-Founder of Motion and host of the show, shares three personal highlights from the past year. 

The first highlight is about how he landed one of his dream podcast guests, Andrew Warner, the host of Mixergy, by finding a motivating moment and reaching out through Twitter. Tristan had always wanted to interview Andrew, and when he found out that Andrew had recently launched a book, he saw an opportunity to approach him for an interview. After a few Twitter direct messages, Andrew agreed to be a guest on Recorded Content.

The second highlight is about the different format Tristan used for Recorded Content by repurposing interviews he did as a guest on other podcasts. Tristan enjoys being a guest on other podcasts and sharing his personal experiences and insights. However, the content of these interviews gets highlighted on someone else’s show, rather than being a core part of Tristan’s own podcast. To change this, Tristan re-edited several interviews he did as a guest and included different segments in episodes of Recorded Content. This allowed him to share his experiences and insights with his own audience and shape the content of his podcast.

The third highlight is about conducting a series of interviews with a single guest to create a multi-part series. In most cases, companies book guests for a single interview and build an episode around that conversation. However, Tristan saw an opportunity to take a different approach and conduct a series of interviews with a single guest to create a multi-part series. This allowed him to delve deeper into the topic and have more in-depth conversations with his guest over a period of time.

Throughout the episode, Tristan emphasizes the importance of being creative with podcast formats and trying new things. He encourages other podcasters to experiment with different approaches and formats and see what works best for their audience. By being open to new ideas and approaches, podcasters can create more engaging and informative content and keep their listeners coming back for more.

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Key Insights

Episode Highlights

One of My Goals Was Having Andrew Warner on Recorded Content 

”Every podcaster has a Mount Rushmore of guests. Maybe you want to interview your favorite celebrity; maybe you wish you could have a conversation with your favorite athlete. As a podcast host, one of the people I always wanted to interview was Andrew Warner.

Andrew is the podcast host of Mixergy, and he’s hosted over 2,100 episodes in over ten years. Mixergy is a podcast that uncovers stories from startups and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and it’s been a big inspiration for me in my entrepreneurial journey.”

I Like Being a Guest As Much As I Enjoy Being a Podcast Host

”I love when other hosts ask interesting questions, and they get me to think about things in a different way. I also love when hosts ask me to share my personal experiences because I get an opportunity to take a step back and be more analytical. […]

I appeared as a guest on Internal Marketing […]. I had a unique opportunity to share some of my experiences on another show, and this was a great way to shape an episode of our podcast, Recorded Content.”

Experimenting With Different Interview Styles Led to New Experiences 

”This past year, I planned a series of interviews with one of Motion’s favorite technology partners, Descript. Each quarter, I featured members of the Descript team, and we covered the latest updates to their product. […]

The key thing with the interview series is that it wasn’t a one-and-done conversation. I got an opportunity to build upon each conversation and got a chance to ask deeper questions. […] This series also led to an opportunity to join the Descript Sounding Board as a creator advisor. 

So I not only got a chance to connect with their team members on Recorded Content, but I also get a chance now to test and try new features before they’re even made public.”