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My evolution as a podcast host after interviewing 50+ incredible women with Christina Brady

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Episode Summary

There are more than 5 million podcasts right now and with so many new shows coming out regularly some of them are bound to podfade But you can overcome podfading by being consistent

In this episode of the Recorded Content podcast our host Justin Brown welcomes Christina Brady the SVP of Sales at Spekit They talk about different ways to prevent podfading the power of authenticity and why done is always better than perfect

Guest Profile

Name: Christina Brady

What she does: She’s the SVP of Sales at Spekit

Company: Spekit

Noteworthy: She is the host of the Taking the Lead podcast where she interviews the most accomplished women B2B revenue leaders

Key Insights

  • Strive for authenticity. Authenticity is the ultimate goal of every podcaster. You want your audience to connect with you on a deeper level and get to see the real you. That’s why you should strive for authenticity on your podcast from day one. Christina says Watching people and listening to two people converse in most cases is really fascinating theres this unknown and Wheres it going to go And is somebody going to say something thats uncomfortable or is somebody going to say something thats really edgy And then whats the other person going to do with that And so absolutely that authenticity It was a goal of mine but I dont think it happened on day one
  • Done is better than perfect. Nothing is ever perfect let alone your first podcast episode. So stop chasing perfection. Instead focus on finishing the task at hand and just hit Record. Christina says The little tweaks and iterations we all do it And dont let your equipment or your environment or your background or your makeup or your hair or what youre wearing any of it stop you from just putting out great content And weve been there The minute that Justin you told me were going to start doing video I was like I have to get dressed for every episode now You just come down to that but really its okay In fact not being perfect sometimes is perfection
  • Find the right balance between consistency and relevance. While consistency is the key to success in podcasting you cant forget about relevance. Christina explains If I record too many episodes too early by the time they launch were in what feels like a completely different decade than we were in when I recorded it three months ago So part of me started out wanting to just get as many as I possibly could and then say Okay Im great for content for the next four months However in B2B tech we live quarter to quarter Like I said sometimes month to month My god sometimes day to day things are wild And so I need to make sure that I have guests lined up I need to make sure that they feel empowered and ready to record without being overly prepped I need to make sure that Im not recording too many If I go past two two and a half months worth of episodes I have to stop recording because the relevance is gone

Episode Highlights

Podcasts are more than just interviews

Im not here to interview people Im here to have a conversation and within that conversation were going to uncover so many things even me and my guest dont know where were going to go But then the more you start to contribute I find when I would start to tell my own stories or my own ideas I would see their body language relax a little bit and theyd sit back and now were just two people talking about cool stuff

Find a way to be excited about every episode you record

You actually just hit on another really key piece which is that you have to find a way to look forward to every episode because as the host we have to show up we have to bring the energy and that sometimes means that were putting down a really hard day or it sometimes means that were digging into a topic that maybe we dont know or were somewhat uncomfortable with And so its great advice to make sure that going into every episode youre setting up a scenario where you can be really comfortable with the content and youre excited to dig in

You evolve as your podcast evolves

At the start of the show I want to hit all of my quantitative boxes and be like Im achieving these things And then qualitatively the show just turned into me figuring out all the pieces that I want to dig into and almost bringing more to it if that makes sense So the goals havent changed but I would say that I am highlighting my guests so much more holistically than I was at the beginning of the show

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