My favorite podcasting moments from 2022 with Justin Brown

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, host Justin Brown takes a break from the normal interview-style format and provides an overview of what he learned from producing episodes in 2022. 

Justin discusses the importance of learning from other successful podcasters and shares some thoughts on how you can stand out in the crowded world of podcasting. 

He shares specific examples of podcasting strategies you can use for your company’s show and covers how Motion helps companies grow and differentiate themselves in a variety of industries.

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Key Insights

Episode Highlights

Implement new strategies

“Over 2022, something that I talked a lot about is running solo episodes, and the reason is because it’s tough to have an every-other-week show or a weekly show and have to get a guest every single time. So from conversations with Camille, we were able to decide she was going to set out and try solo podcast recording. For me, it’s been fun to talk about, on our show, how people are implementing some of the things that I talk to them about on a weekly or biweekly basis because right now, it’s just me talking to an audience, but when I have these weekly or biweekly meetings with customers or any of the shows that we run, it’s really exciting to be able to hear questions and then talk about them on the show with people that are doing them effectively.”

Dissect complex subjects for your audience

“For every episode, she has to break down complex subject matter, which was very interesting to me because a lot of our customers are working in complex sectors, whether it’s the financial technology sector, whether it’s biopharmaceuticals and healthcare, or data analytics or cybersecurity. And so what I really wanted to talk to her about is how she’s digesting very complex subject matter. And for her, it’s even more complicated than most people because, for every episode, they have to dissect a different business unit. And so she’s having to learn and unlearn and relearn different topical subject matter for every episode.”

Getting the word out about your show is essential

“One of my favorite episodes this year was talking about everyone’s favorite topic: distribution. So I really wanted to talk to a customer who was doing an effective job of getting the word out about their show. So I brought on Toby Phillips, the VP of Marketing Communications at Kolbe. Toby is not only distributing, of course, to the podcast platforms like Apple and Spotify, what have you, as well as YouTube, and then, of course, distributing on social media organically, but he’s also running paid ad campaigns with video content driving people to his show.”