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My favorite segments from conversations in 2021 with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

2021 may be remembered as the golden year of podcasting as more businesses decided to start podcasts to engage with their audience. But many companies still struggle with creating high-quality podcasts that help them attract new customers. And that’s the whole reason we launched Recorded Content in March of 2021. In this episode, our host Tristan Pelligrino revisits his favorite quotes from episodes of Recorded Content.

Guest Profile

Name: Tristan Pelligrino

What he does: Tristan is the Co-Founder of Motion and leads the creative execution for all of the shows produced by the company.

Company: Motion

Key Insights

  • Descript: An ally to creating high-quality podcasts. Earlier this year we had an opportunity to hear from Jay LeBoeuf of Descript. Jay talked about workflow complexity, especially if you do long-form interviews, whether audio or video content. Before Descript, you had to create transcripts separately in another application, and the post-production workflow with long-form videos or documentaries was really impossible to organize from there. But now we have Descript, and it’s actually at the center of our workflow here at Motion, explains Tristan.
  • Storytelling: A secret ingredient every experienced marketer uses. When Park Howell was on our show, he discussed the importance of telling a story to attract your ideal customer. However, adopting proven screenwriting techniques is a challenge many marketers face. All the marketing gurus out there say you should simply tell stories. If you do this, your content will automatically be amazing, but most people don’t really know how to construct a story, says Tristan.
  • Was 2021 the golden age of podcasting? Once the pandemic hit and we all transitioned online, companies immediately looked for ways to engage with their existing customers and attract new ones. They explored different formats, and podcasts were one of them. The trend didn’t vanish in 2021; it grew. And now it seems like every reputable organization uses a podcast as part of its marketing strategy. Still, we can’t help but wonder: Was 2021 the golden age of podcasting, or will it be 2022?

Episode Highlights

Make the Most Out of Descript

If you’re a podcaster and you’re not yet aware of Descript, I strongly encourage you to give it a shot. It’s really one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology I’ve seen, and I’ve been producing audio and video content for over 15 years.

The Power of Storytelling

I had Park Howell on the show. Park runs one of the most popular podcasts on business storytelling. It’s called The Business of Story, and he spent the last 10 years simplifying the complex process of storytelling through something called the ABT narrative.

Are We Living in the Golden Age of Podcasting?

The truth is that every year is a great year for podcasting. This year won’t be any different. Now’s the time to create a show for your ideal customer. And if you’re looking to create a great show for your company, then follow along with Recorded Content every week.

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