Recording Your Podcast Episode in Person with Rob Ruscher

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, host Ben Decowski sits down with Rob Ruscher, the host of On Camera On Brand. They delve into the nuances of podcast recording, comparing in-person and remote methods.

The duo discusses the unique benefits of in-person recording. It offers a personal touch and fosters better engagement. They also touch on the importance of planning for both recording methods. The conversation further explores the challenges of location selection, considering factors like noise and convenience.

The episode wraps up with insights on how live, in-person recording can help a podcast stand out. Ruscher shares his experience of creating buzz at industry events, turning the recording process into an engaging spectacle. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes of podcasting.

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Key Insights

Episode Highlights

The Power of In-Person Recording

The episode begins with a discussion about the unique advantages of in-person podcast recording. Ben Decowski and Rob Ruscher discuss how recording in person can create a more personal and engaging atmosphere, similar to a coffee shop conversation. They note that this setting allows for better engagement and helps personalities shine through. 

“There is as great a conversation as you can get on your computer with people and there’s all these, you know, barriers being removed. It doesn’t change this; like, I feel like we’re at a coffee shop.”

The Gear and Location 

The conversation shifts to the technical aspects of in-person recording. They discuss the importance of good audio and the right gear, as well as the significance of location selection. The location should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to recording, free from disruptive noises.

“So, you know, that’s why we chose these microphones here. We just wanted the best sound. So using a podcast microphone, having it in the shot, and just not being afraid to say, this is a podcast.”

The Buzz of Live Recording 

The podcast delves into the benefits of live recording at industry events. Ruscher shares his experience of setting up a podcast booth at an event, which created a buzz and attracted the target audience. He emphasizes the potential of live recording to create an event within an event.

“It’s like you can make your own event inside the event. And that’s what we did. I can’t tell you how many sales they made, but I can tell you that I’ve never seen booths that busy and with the right people.”

The Wrap Up 

The episode concludes with Decowski thanking Ruscher for his insights. They reflect on the value of the discussion and the unique insights shared. This part of the podcast serves as a wrap-up and a farewell to the guest.

“Yeah, no, absolutely. I love it. Well Rob, thanks again for, you know, spending some time with me. I really appreciate it, and it was great having you on Recorded Content.”