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Reviewing qualitative & quantitative metrics with your podcast with Justin Brown

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Episode Summary

Regardless of which industry we are operating in we measure success to determine whether our efforts are paying off But when it comes to podcasting hosts often track KPIs like downloads which do not always indicate the success of your companys show

So instead of focusing on downloads take a comprehensive look at how your content is performing across various platforms

In this episode of Recorded Content our host Justin Brown shares highlights from previous episodes and elaborates upon what some of our guests said on the subject of podcast downloads

Guest Profile

Name: Justin Brown

What he does: Justin is the Co-Founder of Motion and leads customer success for all of the shows produced by the company

Company: Motion

Key Insights

  • Launching a podcast is hard Many believe that podcasting is just sitting in front of the mic and pressing the record button and that it is more of an informal chat with a friend than an interview However podcasting is complex and once youve launched a podcast you need to be patient and not expect too much You should take it step-by-step Its super hard I feel like if you havent launched a show before how would you know what to expect says Sam Hembrey the Content Marketing Specialist at Outreach
  • Think quality not quantity According to Christian Klepp the founder of EINBLICK Consulting Inc downloads dont always indicate how successful your podcast is I tend to also look at the KPIs that are not quantitative We do look at the downloads but we dont take them too seriously
  • Podcasting is a journey not a destination Podcasts are creative educational entertaining and inspirational pieces So why not make the most of them Dont let some numbers discourage you enjoy the process It will pay off one way or another Its more about seeing the value in the process If youre focused on the ROI youll be impatient and youre just going to quit I think you cant rely on podcasting to be your lead generator says Jesus McDonald the Founder and CEO at JRM Web Marketing

Episode Highlights

Dont let numbers fool you

We had one particular episode that had a high number of downloads It also had the highest number of people dropping off People dropped off about 10-15 minutes into the recording and that was a great lesson for us It meant something was wrong says Christian Klepp

Completion rate not downloads

We look at the completion rate that is how many people listen to the episode from start to finish explains Christian Klepp

Focus on your content first then look at the views and downloads

I neither focus on downloads nor on subscribers Im just pumping out the content I dont focus on anything Im not focused on views Even with my YouTube channel its the same Its a top-of-mind strategy which has worked for our business tremendously says Jesus McDonald

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